C H A P [ V

Qf the Defcription and natural Signification of the feven PU' nets. r

■a, Q^Aturn is by nature cold and dry,the au-O thor of Melancholy 5 Maiculine,Diurnal $ the greater Infortune 5 and appears to our fight of a leaden pale colour : he is the higheft of the (even, and therefore (low ia motion, near 30 years in finiih-iag his circular Revolution through the twelve Signes. pottieai He is called Chronos, Vhœnon, and Fal-tiamts. Jjifif.

Dijcript. We naturally reprefents one of a middle

Stature, black fwarthy Complexion, lit- • tie Eyes, lowring Eye-brows, flat Note, thick Lips, goes forward with his Head, (looping, great Ears, black or very dark Hair, thin Beard, and iometimes none at all.:

When he is well dignified, the perions figni- £

fignified thereby are grave and fober, that perform all their a&ion9 with Judgement and Difcretion: they have a (Searching fancy, being much given toftudy.But when he is ill dignified, then the Native or Querent fignified thereby is malicious, envious, covetous, jealous, lying, diiTem-bling , thieviih perfon, not regarding his Word or Reputation.

He fignifies Old men, as Grandfathers, auaiity& and Fathers 5 alfo all perfons that dig the Earth, Hufbandmen, Day-labourers, Glowns, and Beggars, Brick-makers, Colliers, Gardiners, Sextons, Miners, Tanners, and Curriers of Leather, Seftarilb, Monks and Jefuites.

Jupiter is a Planet Maiculine and Di- mutt, urnal, temperate, hot and moift$ the greater Fortune 5 the Author of juftice, temperance, and iobriety : he appears to our fight of a clear bright Azure colour, and finiiheth his courie through the twelve Signes in 12 years.

He is iometimes called Thcietott, nmts, and Zew.

He repreients one of a tall Stature, of a Dc/cupt.

C 3 ruddy

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