Pisces Man Secrets

Pisces Man Secrets

The book is an invaluable resource for women who are in a phase or hoping a Pisces man will become a lover. It uncovers the secrets of the secret personality. The author begins by explaining impact of astrology on human nature and sharing her experiences on relationship challenges and how astrology intervened. The book acknowledges the complexity in dealing with this mysterious man in the zodiac and guides how to win them.

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Recently several visitors of websites have asked me about this book, which is being promoted quite widely across the Internet. So I ordered a copy myself to figure out what all the excitement was about.

In addition to being effective and its great ease of use, this eBook makes worth every penny of its price.

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Sun In First Decan Pisces

Decan Astrology

Of Gemini the first decan belongs to Jupiter, the second to Mars, the third to the Sun. Of Cancer the first to Venus, the second to Mercury, the third to the Moon. Of Leo the first to Saturn, the second to Jupiter, the third to Venus. In Virgo the first to the Sun, the second to Venus, the third to Mercury. In Libra the first decan belongs to the Moon, the second to Saturn, the third to Jupiter. Of Scorpio the first to Mars, the second to the Sun, the third to Venus. Of Sagittarius the first to Mercury, the second to the Moon, the third to Saturn. Of Capricorn the first belongs to Jupiter, the second to Mars, the third to the Sun. In Aquarius the first decan belongs to Venus, the second to Mercury, the third to the Moon. In Pisces the first decan belongs to Saturn, the second to Jupiter, the third to Mars.

Pisces the Fish February 19March

The glyph of Pisces (see Figure 7-3) connotes two forms of experience, internal and external. Alternatively, it represents two fish tied together. When they cooperate, they navigate their watery domain with ease. When they pull in opposite directions, neither gets anywhere. You want sensitive Pisces is sensitive. Every tiny bounce in the emotional weather sends your internal compass into a spin. Sympathetic and receptive, you receive a constant barrage of impressions and information, and you can be weirdly psychic. But protecting yourself is difficult because you lack boundaries. All your membranes are permeable. When the people upstairs have a fight, you feel battered. When bad things happen to good people, you're horrified. And when good things happen to people you love, you rejoice. (It's one of your most magnificent traits.) You're generous, big-hearted, insightful, and truly compassionate. You're also innately spiritual. Another strength is your powerful imagination. Your dreams...

Pisces Through The Houses

In the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces, we come to the ending of the personality that started its pilgrimage in Aries. Freedom for Pisces does not lie in the valley of personality achievement but on the higher levels of spiritual growth and development. The symbol of Pisces, two fish tied together represents the two aspects of self the personality and the soul. If the personality becomes the servant of the soul, all is well with Pisces. Serve or suffer is the keynote of Pisces. Where Aries is concerned with beginnings, Pisces is concerned with endings. Pisces begins where Aquarius leaves off, in the second house of resources and values. The values gained through the journey through all the other signs must be brought into full consciousness in Pisces. Wherever Aries is placed in the blueprint is where the soul initiates its activity and begins to operate in the world of appearance. For Pisces, values and resources are of utmost importance. Not only must he feel successful in financial...

Sf X Neptune In Pisces

Neptune was last in Pisces from 1847 to 1861. Brigham Young settled in Utah with his Mormon followers John Sutter started the California Gold Rush and Marx and Engels wrote The Communist Manifesto. It was the time of the Pony Express, the Suez Canal, the first commerical oil well, Darwin's theory of evolution, the beginning of oceanography, the Bunsen burner, the glider and the safety pin. Neptune is in its own sign in Pisces this transit is inspirational, spiritual, sensitive and even prophetic. This placement indicates a talent for poetry and music, an understanding of those in need, medical discoveries and new cultural concepts. Physician Walter Reed, chemist Paul Ehrlich, botanist Luther Burbank, pianist Ignace Paderewski, attorney Clarence Darrow.

Midheaven signs for pisces

The Midheaven signs for Pisces birth charts set out below are the only possible combinations of Ascendant and Midheaven signs in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres. To work out your own Ascendant and Midheaven signs at birth, see the charts on pp344-7. with Midheaven signs Capricorn Potter, horticulturist, farmer, confectioner. Will need, and achieve, financial security. Pisces A successful career. Hotel industry, public relations, shoe design, and selling. Aries A fast worker, but restless and impatient. Needs careful thought in choosing jobs career. Taurus Friendly, kind, and outgoing. A good agent the caring professions, dietitian. Aquarius A successful and rewarding career. The travel industry, airlines, possibly teaching, and working abroad. Pisces Media magazine work. Must consciously learn to be more self-confident to succeed. Taurus Hard worker, needs security. Chef, sculptor, architect. Aquarius Good at research and detective work. Studious,...

Pisces in Friendship Love and Permanent Relationships

A typical scenario would be if we have a Piscean friend who perhaps makes pretty scarves or bags, and maybe we know a shop somewhere that would sell them for him or her. For certain a Piscean will find it difficult to go to the shop on their own, but, if we can make an arrangement for them not only might Pisces get an ego boost, pisces 191 pisces in love


Pisces Ruled by Neptune with Jupiter as co-regent A feminine, receptive sign. Mutable, water sign. The Sun is in Pisces from February 21st to March 21st Keyword 1 believe.' Represented by two fish tied together. Rules the feet in the physical body. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and the inner self is preparing to retreat from the world. It is cleaning up the odds and ends that have not been cleared in the other eleven signs. For this reason some students call it the dustpan of the zodiac. The symbol of the sign is an interesting one to study the two fish, tied together. la Gemini the two lines of force were connected but not tied. In Pisces, one fish swims downstream representing the personality, the other fish swimming upstream represents the souL Either the soul captures the personally and it becomes the servant or the soul is bound and made captive by the personality. This brings deep suffering to the people born in Pisces. This is why the spiritual motto of Pisces is serve...

O X Sun In Pisces

The dreamer of the zodiac, you are compassionate, tolerant, kind and loving. You are easily influenced by others because you don't want to hurt anyone. It is hard for you to make decisions and you need to overcome your desire to escape from anything that is difficult. Creative, spiritual and often mystical, at times you can be indolent and impractical. You may seem to lack self-confidence, but in your own quiet way you accomplish a great deal. Charming and likeable, you are good to those in distress and are fond of animals. Pisces, more than any other sign, will draw its strength or weakness from the rest of the horoscope.

Moon In Pisces

Pisces represents the desire for freedom from the limitation of matter. When the Moon is in Pisces the native desires to live in a dream world surrounded with his feelings rather than in a practical world. His basic nature is quiet, retiring, and easy going he is restless and fond of variety.

Mars in Pisces

Mars in Pisces has the gifts of imagination, sensitivity, and intuition, which are often manifested in the creative fields. Mars here seeks involvement, whether with a partner, an idea, or a passion, and will often shoulder others' responsibilities without complaint. In fact, Mars can be self-sacrificing here or it can inspire others in some way. Pisces Mars can be unfocused, too, or even restless, but above all Mars in Pisces is a subtle energy.

Saturn In Pisces

Influence of Saturn is weakened in this sign. Takes life too seriously and reacts emotionally to negative conditions. Too self-conscious and fearful Fears are apt to stem from the subconscious and appear on the surface as vague anxieties and depressions. They need to let go of the past and dump the ghosts that haunt them. Capable of sympathy and compassion but identify too personally with other people's troubles. Need to learn a loving detachment. Test is one of severance, letting go and letting God. Pisces rules the feet, symbol of understanding.

Pisces as ascendant

Those with Pisces Rising are very much prone to anxiety. Of course, it is fruitless to tell someone simply to stop worrying , but if they can use their intuition and couple it with some logical thinking, they may well get their concern into a more rational perspective. This will not be easy, but is well worth the effort. The traditional Piscean body area, the feet, shows vulnerability. Although this is likely whether the influence is that of the Sun, Ascendant, or Moon, it is at its most potent when Pisces is the Rising sign. Those for

Pisces as moon sign

A lot has been written and observed about Piscean eyes, which are usually large and beautiful. They always seem to be on the brink of tears - not only .of sadness, but also of great joy. This is particularly so with those who have a Pisces Moon, as their responses to situations will be emotional, activated very quickly when, for instance, clips of suffering are seen on television, or they are enjoying a weepy movie. This placing adds sensitivity to the Piscean creative talent, or to activities in any of the caring professions, so suitable for those of this sign. But astrologers working on the charts of this zodiac group will look for other indications which help strengthen the individual. Otherwise, the Moon will tend to weaken the personality, making the line of least resistance the immediate reaction to difficulties. Ice-skating coulc be a calling for Moon-in-Pisces individuals. Ice-skating coulc be a calling for Moon-in-Pisces individuals.

Summing Up Pisces

The Pisces Woman's challenge is to find positive channels for her psychic, artistic, and therapeutic powers. Many Pisceans heal by laying on of hands. Other foretell the future, paint, write poetry, or act. They can be champions of the truth and defenders of the poor and helpless. Pisces is directed by her subconscious, her dreams. She is a vast ocean of psychic and spiritual powers. However, she must remember that she is mortal. She has a limited span on earth, at least in this physical body. Time can run short, and much needs to be accomplished. In order to discover the real meaning of physical and mental health, she must pierce the fog of her own visions, explore her repressed feelings, confront the outside world, and communicate with those around her. She must seek out those who will embrace the talents she has be they artistic, therapeutic, or paranormal. The energy of her group support system will prevent Pisces from slipping off into the ethers of her dreams or fears. The Age...

F K Pluto In Pisces

Pluto was last in Pisces from 1798 to 1823. In art and literature this era was known as the Romantic period, and it saw the beginning of socialism in Europe, the adoption of the Napoleonic code of law and the fight for Mexican independence. Mesmer made his first experiments into the realm of psychic phenomena Fulton invented the steamboat, and dark lines were discovered in the solar spectrum.

Pisces Anger

The sexually restricted Pisces Woman is also limited in her ability to recognize and express her anger. It takes her a long time to acknowledge her anger, to delve for the causes and situations that trigger it. Reasons for anger are often buried in the past, but the immediate provocations for anger are current. It is more productive for the Piscean to take a close look at present situations than to look far into the past. The Pisces Woman is likely to get sick before she gets angry, to get ulcers before she yells at her children, and to protect her husband from her anger as he protects her from the violence of the world outside the home. In fact, it appears that Pisces makes an invisible bargain with her family. If they keep her unaware of the things that might make her fearful and angry, she will protect them in turn from her depressions and her anger. The Pisces Woman dreamwalks through her early career or her childraising years. She is sweet, she is a good subordinate, and she...

Uranus In Pisces

You are very changeable, but in your heart, you always have good intentions. Intuitive, idealistic and imaginative, you have mystical tendencies and are interested in meditation, yoga and eastern philosophies. Artistic and aesthetic, this is an excellent position for acting, because you like to escape into different worlds. You can be self-sacrificing and may experience a spiritual struggle to overcome materialistic tendencies and seek other, more evolved achievements. Overly sensitive, your nervous system is touchy you need to know your limits and learn to relax both physically and emotionally. With challenging aspects, you might have a wish to escape with the help of alcohol, drugs or sex. Uranus was last in Pisces from 1919 through 1927.

Pisces Sexuality

During her lifetime, the Pisces Woman undergoes radical changes in her sexuality. A woman with multiple selves and varied needs, she is initially more openly concerned with social and moral issues than with psychosexual development. Sexually, she is a late bloomer. Her judgment in love is clouded. Often, she mistakes fantasy for love. She mistrusts men, has a martyr complex, and is repeatedly deeply hurt. Like her sign, Pisces' sexuality is double-edged. Inexperienced, she is a delicate flower whose scent attracts those unsuited to her. Experienced, she is a discriminating and confident love artist. The mature Pisces Woman is a sensitive, sensuous, unusually creative lover in control of her body and able to please her partner as easily as she pleases herself. She can be sexually liberated or old-fashioned and chaste. She plays out her lover's fantasies and mirrors his moods. She believes in the possibility of the total love experience and in sex as an exchange of ecstasy. For the...

Sun sign pisces

This group of individuals will have a down-to-earth attitude towards their love and sex life. They are sincere, constant, and very loyal. This is a rather cool placing for Venus, but with the very sensitive and emotional content of a Pisces Sun sign it is an excellent stabilizer, and so there will be far less heartache than is often the case. Here is an intuitive and clever business sense. venus in pisces

Astrology Is Not a Dark

The Bible is actually filled with astrological information and messages, but without training no one would ever know it. For example, the 12 disciples of Christ and the 12 tribes or houses of Israel each represented one of the 12 zodiac signs. Christ ushered in the Piscean Age, and the symbol of the fish (Pisces is symbolized by fish) was used as the secret symbol of Christians.

The Orientation Of The Sidereal Zodiac

SAGITTARIUS-CAPRICORN-AQUARIUS-PISCES The third division of the zodiac is directed by Jupiter, which through Sagittarius, mutable fire, brings the zodiacal emanation of energy to completion and fruition. This is the mutable quadrant of signs. It consists of two mutable signs, Sagittarius and Pisces, one cardinal, Capricorn, and one fixed, Aquarius. The mutable quadrant of signs is responsible for completing movement, transforming energy, destabilizing form. It moves us away from energy and form into the domain of thought.

Age of Aquarius Aquarian

The Age of Aquarius is one of 12 successive 2,150-year periods, each of which corresponds with one of the 12 signs of the zodiac. In the same manner in which individuals born at different times of the year are thought to be dominated by different astrological signs, astrologers also tend to view different historical periods as being dominated by the influence of particular signs. According to this view, Earth, for the past several thousand years, has been passing through a period dominated by the sign Pisces (the Age of Pisces). This succession of ages is based on a phenomenon known as the precession of equinoxes. Due to the precession of equinoxes, the spring equinox moves slowly backward through the constellations of the zodiac, so that approximately every 2000 years, the equinox begins taking place in an earlier constellation. Thus, the spring equinox has been occurring in Pisces for the past several thousand years and will begin to occur in the constellation Aquarius in the near...

If One Shall Find the Party at Home He Would Speak Withall

In company, trying this experiment upon some of the company, and ever found it true, as many in this city well know. In November and December, when Signes of short ascenscions are in the Ascendant, you must be wary, for in regard many times the Sun is not then visible, and Clocks may faile, it's possible to be deceived, and misse of a right Ascendant, for Pisces and Aries doe each of them ascend in the space of 3 quarters of an hour, and some few minutes Aquarius and Taurus in 1 hour and some odde minutes but if you have the time of the day exact, you need not ever mistrust the verity of your Judgment which will infinitely satisfie any that are students herein, and cause them to take great pleasure in the ART, and make them sensible, that there is as much sincerity in all the whole ART OF ASTROLOGIE, when it is rightly understood and practized, which at this day I must confesse it is by very few.

Astrological Factors

Venus types are created by a strong Venus in the chart, like Venus located in the Ascendant or in other angular houses, particularly if it is also placed in its own sign (Taurus or Libra) or sign of exaltation (Pisces). Venus ruled Ascendants (Taurus or Libra) usually create Ve

Astronomical Observations

However, if these omens seem a long way from what we would recognise as astrology, the astronomical foundations for the art were being put in place. A text which perhaps reached its final form in around 1000 BCE, written down in about 700 BCE, known as Mul.Apin (the Plough-star), reveals these foundations. It lists the constellations in three broad bands running roughly parallel to the equator. Each band is envisaged as the path of one of the gods, who enter through gates on the horizon. Seventeen constellations along the ecliptic are set down. Though there are many unfamiliar stargroups, the origins of the modern zodiac are clearly here. The Bull of heaven, the Crab, the Lion, the Balance, the Scorpion, the Goatfish and the Tails (Pisces), the Barley-stalk (Virgo) and the Great Twins are all obviously ancestors of zodiac signs. The text also includes the dates of heliacal risings, simultaneous risings and settings of stars, an account of the Moon's path, some account of the planets,...

521 Decans on the Long Denderah Zodiac

Let us show that indeed it is the only way the decans can be divided into triples. Notice that there is only one decan symbol between Aquarius and Pisces, so there are only two possibilities it belongs to Pisces or Aquarius. For each of these two options we can try to extend this partition (in a unique way) over the whole zodiacs. If we assume that this decan symbol belongs to Aquarius, we will obtain a partition with one triple of decans containing no zodiac symbol. On the contrary, if this symbol belongs to Pisces, the partition into triples extends in a unique way over the whole zodiac, and there is exactly one zodiac figure in each triple.

Venus in Exaltation Detriment and Fall

I don't pay much attention to the traditional astrological categories of exaltation, detriment, and fall for the planets2, because these placements often seem to operate in ways contrary to those teachings. However, pondering these categories seems to clarify the nature of Venus and its proper role in our lives. Venus is in exaltation in Pisces, in fall in Virgo, and in detriment in Scorpio and Aries. While thinking about love relationships, which Venus rules, I got a flash of a couple slow dancing and could immediately see why Venus is exalted in Pisces, the sign of the dance. An intimate relationship such as marriage should be like a dance. One partner leads, but only nominally rather than in the sense of controlling. Each partner is keenly sensitive to the moves of the other and takes reciprocal action. There is flow, ease, rhythm, and grace to the relatedness. Each knows when to go backwards or yield, in what Rod Chase calls the strategic retreat of Pisces.

Midheaven signs for taurus

Taurus Midheaven

With Midheaven signs Capricorn Success will come with hard work and dedication in this combination, a musical talent is very likely. Aquarius Conflict likely between conventional issues and lifestyle, on the one hand, and attraction to what's trendy, on the other. Pisces There will be a desire to do good and help those less fortunate possible attraction to the caring professions. with Midheaven signs Aquarius Identification with the new and untried attraction to modern technology or the media good communicator. Pisces Artistic ability love of, and serious attraction to, dance, ice-skating, and poetry. with Midheaven signs Aries An assertive attitude, with a shrewd and clever approach to future prospects. Aquarius Identification with humanitarian problems medical profession or charity work are considered likely. Pisces Willingness to help others a caring profession, such as nursing, is a possibility. ascendant PisCEs

Babylonian Horoscopes

Month Tebetu, the 24th, toward morning of the 25th, year 13 of Darius II , the child was born. Month Kislimu around the 15th, Mercury behind east of Gemini, first visibility in the east. Month Tebetu Tebetu 9 solstice the 26th last lunar visibility before sunrise Month Sabatu Sabatu dense clouds, around the 2nd Mercury in Capricorn last visibility in the east. Sabatu 14 Venus last visibility in the east in front of Aquarius the year had an intercalary month Addaru. Month Tasritu, the 22nd, Jupiter 2nd stationary point in front of Aquarius around month Addaru, the 2nd, last visibility in Pisces. Month Du'uzu, the 30th, Saturn first visibility in Cancer, high and faint around the 26th ideal first visibility Month Kislimu, the 7th, first stationary point, Month Tebetu the 17th, opposition. The year had an intercalary month Addaru.11 Month Nisan , night of the 14th son of Shumausur, son of Shuma-iddina, descendant of Deke, was born. At that time the Moon was below the horn of the...

Midheaven signs for gemini

Pisces Midheaven

With Midheaven signs Capricorn Flair for finance. Ability to sell. Clever in big business. Aquarius Conflict between need for security and wanting something lively and fun. Pisces Teaching, publishing, journalism, or horticulture. Psychic ability possible. with Midheaven signs Aries Will need speedy results in chosen career. A lack of tact, and impatience could mar progress. Taurus Could do well in self-employment - an agency or real estate maybe. Aquarius Technology, journalism, technical side of television, or film. A need to be ''on the scene'' in the career. Pisces May work in radio. Caring professions or charity work. Pisces Shrewd business sense, but will be attracted to caring professions and charity work. with Midheaven signs Aries A force to reckon with. Big achiever and show off. Will win arguments. Taurus Stubbornness will pay off at times, but will learn the hard way. Will need challenge in career. Pisces Very creative. Writing ability. Excellent for media work. ascendant...

581 Symbols of the Autumn Equinox in Virgo

On Figure 5.66 we show the Egyptian symbols related to the autumn equinox. These symbols can be found on the Egyptian zodiacs only in the proximity of Virgo or possibly near Pisces, where the spring equinox occurs. Notice that the spring and autumn equinoxes are located symmetrically on the opposite sides of the ecliptic. From the astronomical point of view they are similar, so, it is not surprising that they share some of the symbols (but not all of them).

Midheaven signs for cancer

With Midheaven signs Capricorn Good business sense. Banking, finance, musician singer. Aquarius Restlessness in career likely. Archaeology, oceanography, shipping, interior decoration. Pisces The navy, a ship's purser, baker, teaching or other work with young children. with Midheaven signs Aries Argumentative, restless criminal investigative journalism. Aquarius Will possibly make a lot of money from unusual sources. Career changes likely. Pisces Beauty professions, footwear trade. A talent for dance and poetry. with Midheaven signs Aries Determination and tenacity evident. Armed forces, engineering. Taurus Catering, chef, agriculture, or horticulture. Security is extremely important. Aquarius Excellent financial potential. Banking, detective work. Pisces Needs spiritual development. Possibly psychic charity work, beautician. Pisces Very creative. Likely to become a professional artist, designer, skater, or dancer.

Incisive Encyclopedic Honest Practical

The Virgo Woman has penetrating, trenchant mental powers, and she relies on them heavily. She dislikes artificiality and dishonesty. She can smell a sham a mile away and is the last person to be taken in by a con. She may dedicate herself to stamping out deception and dirt. She is, for example, an outstanding investigative reporter. She can solve Scorpio's enigmas, clarify the unconscious mysteries of Pisces, and order the muddled priorities of Libra, all for a real and pragmatic end. Because she knows where the bodies are buried, she is a dangerous foe.

Mercury In The Twelve Houses

Mercury in the Ascendant, or First House makes the person quick- witted and sharp according to the nature of the sign rising and the aspects of the planets which he receives. The fiery signs and the airy signs have the strongest influence in that respect. In Aries or Leo he is more impulsive than when rising in Sagittarius, but Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are best. When Mercury is rising in the watery signs Cancer or Pisces the intellect is dull, but rising in Scorpio where it is fired by the martial energy and armed with the venomous sting of the scorpion it has a somewhat similar influence to that of Mars in Scorpio through not quite so pronounced.

The War Depression 19131914

The North Node moved into Pisces May 28, 1913- This indicated a technically lower position for the Business Curve. On December 19, 1914, the North Node moved out of Pisces into the sign of Aquarius. This sign is on the low point of the Business Cycle Chart in this theory, and the passage of the North Node into Aquarius indicated that the Business Curve technically had reached its lowest point. It also indicated that business activity would not be this low again for many years to come. In actuality, the Business Curve did not go below this point until seven years later in 1921. In July, 1915, Jupiter reached 28 degrees Pisces, the sign on the mid-heaven of the New York Stock Exchange Chart. This transit pointed to rising Stock Market prices and increased business volume which marked the latter part of 1915, all of 1916 and 1917, and part of 1918. This was the beginning of the period known in economic history as the War Prosperity period.

The Signs on the House Cusps [continued

If libra is on the ascendant, then Aries, where the self projects itself into activity, is in the seventh house, the angle ruling sunset. When everyone else is ready to call it a day. Libra is ready to go into action. The power to relate to others should be his greatest concern. He comes into this sign to attain balance and equilibrium. If he had it already he would not be born in this Bign. The sign Libra stands half way between the strictly personal and material Aries and the impersonal and spiritual Pisces. With Virgo here, there can be a strong interest in health and a secret concern about health conditions. The twelfth house is the hidden side of the personality, the subconscious self which can mean subjective sustain-ment or self-undoing. If Libra is inwardly critical where other people are concerned (even though he may be outwardly friendly), there will be health difficulties with which he will have to deal. If he gives himself in service (Virgo) through understanding and...

Aquarius The Father Of The New

The father and the son are said to represent Aquarius and Pisces. From these, it may be seen that sign Aquarius is intimately connected with that aspect of Divine Plan where the individuals like Ganymede are chosen to be the cup-bearers of gods, or to be the fathers, or the precursors of Noah who established a new civilisation or gave a new direction in human life. Examine it with some of the known horoscopes, and it would be abundantly clear that the ancient mythologies of many important religions knew well the significance of Aquarius as a harbinger of new life and light despite the fact that in doing so they may have to encounter difficulties and personal deprivations. For example, Abraham Lincoln established the spirit of liberty, democracy and equality in the United States though his own personal life was full of thorns Professor B.V. Raman made astrology a valid and respectful scientific subject when many persons have been deriding the subject and while doing...

Chiron The Wounded Healer

Is it an asteroid A burned-out comet A planetesimal leftover from the creation of the solar system An errant moon of Neptune, long since torn away from its original orbit Or a particular type of asteroid called a Centaur Ever since November 1, 1977, when scientist Charles Kowal discovered Chiron hurtling around the Sun between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus, scientists have been trying to make up their minds. Smaller by far than any planet (its estimated size is 200 miles across), Chiron has a peculiar orbit that causes it to spend more time in some signs (Pisces, Aries, and Taurus) than in others (Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio). A complete swing through all 12 signs of the zodiac takes 51 years. 1 Chiron in Pisces Pisces is the sign of compassion, sensitivity, and sacrifice. But you can't help noticing that many people give lip service to those qualities without actually practicing them. Your mission To see the sorrow and react appropriately without being overwhelmed by it. Finding a...

Death Varieties Of Violence

In the part of the underworld reserved for those who die before their time, Virgil in the Aeneid has only a few categories those who had died as infants, those condemned to die on a false accusation, suicides, those who died from love and soldiers who had been killed in battle.37 The astrologers' various lists were far more extensive, again giving the impression of a methodical, thorough examination, in which predictions are related to predisposing conditions in a manner which conforms to logical arrangement. In Vettius Valens, the examination moves round the zodiac, from Aries to Pisces, and within each sign there is a set of variants conforming to a precise classification of violent deaths. The major factor is one or more planetary aspect, and after that, the situation of the relevant planets or other astrological entities, the sign and Place in which it is found, which, interacting with the characters of the planets, determine the type of death. The first division is between those...

Jupiter In Different Houses

Second House Pretty face, fluent in speech, plenty of money, and charitable disposition. If second house happens to be either Sagittarius or Pisces, the native will have plentiful of money and he will overcome the enemies. Otherwise, life will not be happy for him and he will have less money. Twelfth House unethical, licentious, does forbidden deeds, defective children, sinful but if the sign happens to be Sagittarius or Pisces the evil traits do not manifest.

The Signs As Mental Significators

When the Common Signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, are on the angles the mind is flighty and superficial, wavering and versatile. These people are often very quick to grasp a point and form a decision, but just as ready to forget and change their minds. They are adepts at imitation and often pretend to virtues or abilities entirely foreign to their nature. They are easily swayed by the winds of emotion one moment they may be highly elated over some small matter and the next a trifling trouble bows them down to earth. They are inconstant and unreliable in all their dealings with others because they do not know their minds two minutes in succession. They constitute the agents and middlemen of the world, where they occupy a subordinate or serving position. These delineations are particularly apt when many planets are in Common Signs.

511 Beginning of the Year on the Egyptian Zodiacs

Egyptian Zodiac Signs

In the case of the Long Denderah (see Figure 2.8) and Big Esna (see Figure 2.16) zodiacs, this situation is more complicated. Each of these zodiacs is divided into two parts, for each one of them we have two possible variants for the starting point of the procession, and consequently, for the beginning of the year. On the Long zodiac the procession begins either in Leo or Aquarius, but taking into account that additional Virgo is a part of Leo symbol (see subsection 5.1.5), the beginning of the year could also take place in Virgo. On the Big Esna zodiac the first constellation could be either Virgo, Leo or Pisces (see Figure 2.16). In summary, we can conclude that the first constellation on these rectangular zodiac was most probably Virgo. In other words, according to these zodiacs, the Egyptian year began in September. This conclusion does not contradicts the information provided by other zodiacs, except possibly the Athribis zodiacs (we will discuss this case later in...

Astrological significance

Neptune is the accepted ruler of Pisces, and this is a perfect placement for the planet, though until the middle of the 19 th century Jupiter reigned supreme over this sign. Neptune will become a personal planet for those who have Pisces as their Sun, Moon, or Ascendant sign, and in spite of its generation influence, sensitive

Different Methods Of Progression And The Reason For Them

The other system of progression is founded upon the orbital revolution of the earth, but in this system the positions of the planets are expressed in degrees of Longitude and measured on the ecliptic or Sun's path, from Aries 0 degrees to Pisces 29. The measure of time is the same as in the system first mentioned 1 degree equals 1 year, but there is this important difference, that while the earth takes only 4 minutes to turn 1 degree upon it axis, it requires 24 hours to move 1 degree in its orbit.

55 Planetary Symbols in Partial Horoscopes

The partial horoscopes on the Egyptian zodiacs are associated with the solstice and equinox points. In particular, all of them are located around the symbols of the same four zodiac constellations, which contain these four points. Recall, that the equinox point is a position of the Sun, when day and night are of equal length, and a solstice point is Sun's location when day or night is shortest. These four points move along the ecliptic, but their movement is very slow. It needs thousands of years to travel across one zodiac constellation. Therefore, it is not surprising that on every investigated by us Egyptian zodiac the autumn equinox is always shown in Virgo, the winter solstice in Sagittarius, the spring equinox in Pisces, and finally, the summer solstice in Gemini.

General Traits and Background

Like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, the Pisces Woman is full of magic and mischief. Her world is rich in emotional tornadoes at her heel is a ubiquitous friend or suitor who remains blissfully unaware of her strength, resilience, and self-containment ahead lies a path strewn with nearly insurmountable obstacles and unfathomable experiences all around is a hostile world that nevertheless provides her periodic shelter and offers unexpected aid in rare forms. At the end of the journey is a never-never land visible only to those wearing the special emerald-green glasses with which every Pisces Woman is naturally endowed. Pisces is the twelfth sign of the Zodiac, Mutable Water. It is ruled by Neptune and is one of three water signs in the Zodiac. As the last of the twelve signs, it is a composite of characteristics culled from the other eleven. Receptive, ultra-feminine, and intuitive, Pisces has magnetic beauty and great psychic and spiritual powers that are often shrouded by her own...

Mysterious Beautiful Romantic

Pisces is beautiful, with limpid, soulful eyes filled with dancing lights. One can look into her eyes for a lifetime and never know the mysteries of their depths. Her magic is riveting, and one can't help but be attracted to it. It is not possible to gauge what is really going on inside the head of the Pisces Woman. She has a mask for each role and occasion, and she prefers it so. She tunes in to vibrations faster than a gypsy but shrouds her insights. She is as wise and as inscrutable as the Delphic oracle. The Pisces Woman has more unfulfilled dreams than Joan of Arc had visions. More dreams go wrong in her head than in reality, for many never see daylight.

In Love with Love Devoted Gullible Easily Hurt

She is in love with love in her own special way. Given to sudden enthusiasms, she is not a passionate drummer but a delicate harpist capable of devotion from afar. I know a Pisces lady who had one father-figure lover, a second lover who explored her own deep, sensual seas, and a third with whom she had a tense, fraught, emotional relationship. She juggled these three for over a year, pitting one against the other in her mind. None was her ideal, but for awhile she was able to satisfy her different needs separately. Finally, in one dramatic act, she withdrew altogether, with a deep sense of having been betrayed by each lover. The Pisces Woman seems bent on picking partners and mates who disappoint her not surprising, because she is a dreamy idealist in love. She often projects the image of perfect soulmate onto her lover, then experiences intense anger and frustration when he falls short.

Intuitive Psychic High Spiritual Strength Dominated by Subconscious

She does not thrive on challenge and change, yet she is dominated by the changing undercurrents she allows to carry her along. Introverted, powerfully intuitive, and committed to a mythology of suffering and beauty, of love with pain, the Piscean must learn to build bridges to the outer world. But to build those bridges, Pisces must accept and articulate her vast intuition and imagination. Depression is her greatest enemy. As any lay counselor knows, it is anger turned against oneself.

The Middle Years Reaching Emotional Maturity

Pisces is a water sign, which denotes intuition, receptivity, intense emotions, imagination, and sensitivity. The Pisces Woman goes through many stages in her important relationships. If the relationship is sexual, the following stages may be felt more intensely. If it is nonsexual, as with her children and friends, the phases may be expressed more subtly. Not every Pisces Woman will experience all these stages, nor will she necessarily experience them in the following order. Also, as she matures and makes new friends or remarries, she may have no need to go through the first three stages again. The Pisces Woman searches for relationships that make her feel hopeful and loving. She falls in love with and remains loyal to the people who make her feel joyous and loving.

Early Sex Experiences

The Pisces girl who grows up under Mama's watchful and frequently unhappy eyes internalizes more than her share of sexual guilt and fear. Her life is never easy, and accepting sex as pleasure, with or without love, will never be completely comfortable for her. She tends to be a good girl who may outwardly seem equally close to both her parents. Nevertheless, in my surveys, the picture that emerges is one suggesting a form of brutalization by the father, not always evident, not always physical. Combine this with the latent dominance of her mother, and the frequent outcome is Piscean emotional confusion and fear of men. Sexual guilt (see Pisces Relationships ) is also a strong force. The Pisces girl works hard to do well, though she is often lazy. Nothing would appeal to her more than to play the role of the tragic princess. Instead, she plays the sacrificial lamb. She suffers for love and duty, and when everyone has gone to the picnic, she has herself a grand cry. Tears are a good...

Pluto In The First House

The Minerva aspect of Pluto in the first house is as constructive as the lower aspect is destructive. There is a perfect willingness to be a channel far healing and to be used by the forces of light The personality is dissolved, and the light streams through the vehicle blessing all with whom it comes in contact This aspect of the self comes through. The personality is dissolved in the solvent we call understanding. Pisces rules the feet in the physical body. Feet have always been the spiritual symbol of understanding. When Jesus washed the feet of the disciples it had a twofold meaning the willingness to serve in perfect humility and the cleansing of their understanding. On the wall of the Hall of Learning on the inner levels the Piscean Mantram was, The disciple can stand in the presence of the Master when his feet have been washed in the blood of the heart. On the Aquarian Hall of Learning the Mantram is The disciple can stand in the Presence of the Master when he can hear every...

Feeling Tender Affectionate

The Cosmic Woman possesses a settled goodwill that has regard for the feelings of others. She respects emotions, both her own and others', and can express the love and caring she has for someone. She knows that such verbalizations, even a simple I love you, have a profound effect on the emotions. She enjoys seeing the positive reactions that her affection elicits. Her heart is very kind, and this is one of her most endearing qualities. In her Pisces phase she learned to feel, to nurture, and to heal. It is little wonder that she treats all life with such tenderness.

Midheaven signs for aries

With Midheaven signs Capricorn Material security very important, and will strive to become wealthy likelihood of musical talent. Aquarius Ambitious needs security, but independence also very important. Pisces Identification with humanitarian problems which will motivate action dislike of sudden changes.

Introverted Unfocused Escapist Artistic

Pisces is the astrological sign concerned with hidden feelings, negative emotions, self-hurt, and all places of confinement. Pisces deals with restriction. Those who read standard astrological manuals know that Pisces is the sign type considered especially vulnerable to escapism. Alcohol and drugs are two usual routes. She can avoid escapism by having supportive friends and daily routines. She can establish a suitable balance of self-care and her commitment to groups, relationships, and causes simply by doing what feels right. The Pisces Woman can afford to follow her hunches. For the Pisces Woman who chooses to be upwardly mobile, apathy can be corrected by involvement in an outside cause. She can clarify her situation by setting clear, realistic short- and long-term goals. She must then persist in reaching them. The Pisces Woman may choose self-realization or self-denial. Whether she is on her way up or slipping, she sprays life with a rainbow-colored mist. Judy Garland was a Pisces...

Factors that Disturb the Psychology

Certain Ascendants have more psychological sensitivity than others, particularly those ruled by Mercury (Gemini and Virgo) and also Pisces, which is an emotionally sensitive sign. Afflictions to these are more likely to result in psychological imbalances. The Virgo-Pisces axis is important for both physical and mental health, as already noted.

Neptune through the zodiac

The Neptune generation influence added a sense of drama and a need for glamour - traits still present with its remaining members. If Leo or Pisces are accented by Sun, Moon, or Ascendant, these individuals will have a really creative imagination which can be expressed through any art form. Maybe they danced, and still paint or create beautiful embroidery, or take photographs. Their potential was and still remains considerable.

Aspects Of Uranus To The Other Planets

Mars conjunction, parallel, square or opposition to Uranus gives an erratic and eccentric disposition, a violent temper of the worst nature, an unusual resentment of even the slightest restraint and gives the person a stubborn, headstrong and dogged determination to go ahead in any line of action upon which he has decided no matter what the outcome. He will listen to neither reason nor entreaty but follows his own course in defiance of all. People with these configurations very often become anarchists of the reddest type for they do not even stop at the shedding of blood, if other testimonies in the figure concur. they are cruel, hard and cold, without a spark of true love though they may be inflamed with passion of the most burning intensity. This is particularly the case when Mars is square Uranus and either planet is placed in Taurus or Scorpio. In a woman's horoscope Uranus square Mars usually leads to seduction no matter where they are placed, but if in Taurus or Scorpio escape...

What are the Extant Parapegmata

Of the moon or sun, and animal signs (as in Theophrastus' he pi orjueicov).7 In the astronomical parts of the poem, Aratus includes some astrometeorological information, such as that the Etesian winds begin just after the rising of Sirius, that Capella heralds storms,8 or that the north wind is associated with Pisces.9

The Ruler of the Ascendant

Actually, the ASC and its ruling planet must always be considered together, as one interpretive unit. For example, a Gemini Rising with Ruling Planet Mercury in Pisces will usually be *If your Ascendant is one of those which has both an ancient ruler and a modern ruler, such as Scorpio, Pisces, and Aquarius, you should look at the house positions of both of them, for both will be at least somewhat emphasized in the person's life. However, look especially to the ancient ruler's sign position because that sign will always be much stronger than the sign of the modern ruler, assuming other emphases are not present. For example, if you have Scorpio rising, your Mars sign is generally much more important in your personal make-up than is your Pluto sign, unless another major factor is in the Pluto sign. With the Pluto in Leo generation, for instance, not every one of them with Scorpio rising is particularly Leonine in their individual nature and personality. But in every case of Scorpio...

The Zodiacal Signs as Energy Patterns

The mutable signs are correlated with the principle of harmony and may be conceived as spiralic patterns of energy. Pisces and Virgo symbolize spirals of energy directed downward thus, these signs are connected with the past in some way Pisces with past karma and Virgo with the past crises in the development of the personality. Gemini and Sagittarius symbolize spirals of energy directed upward and these signs are future-oriented, giving rise to the prophetic tendencies of Sagittarians and the endless speculations of Gemini.

Broken Signs Mutilated Signs Imperfect Signs

The archaic term broken signs (also called mutilated signs or, in more recent works, imperfect signs) refers to certain signs that, when on the ascendant and afflicted, are said to result in a twisted body or twisted limbs. The broken signs are variously listed, usually including Leo and Pisces, sometimes Scorpio or Virgo, and occasionally Capricorn and Cancer. Modern astrologers have abandoned this classification. Almost any severely afflicted planet in any sign when placed in the first house (the house of the physical body) could result in physical difficulties. The antonym term is whole sign (perfect sign).

Feminine Signs Negative Signs

The 12 signs of the zodiac are classified in a number of different ways, including a division into positive, masculine signs and negative, feminine signs (using negative and positive in the neutral sense of opposite polarities rather than as value judgments about good and bad ). The feminine signs include all the earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) and all the water signs Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). The gender of the signs was originally determined by the Pythagorean notion that odd numbers are male and even numbers female. This caused the signs that came second (Taurus), fourth (Cancer), sixth (Virgo), etc., in the zodiac to be classified as feminine. By comparison with the masculine signs, the feminine signs tend to be more receptive and introverted. Vedic astrology uses the same classification of signs into feminine and masculine with essentially the same characterization.

Fruitful Fertile Signs and Planets

The fruitful signs are the signs of the zodiac traditionally said to indicate children (i.e., to indicate fertility) when placed on the cusp of the fifth house, the house of children. These signs are the water triplicity Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Several other signs are regarded as being somewhat fruitful. The fruitful planets are the Sun, the Moon, Venus, and Jupiter (with Neptune added by certain modern astrologers). Mercury is regarded as moderately fruitful. The infertile signs and planets are designated barren. The classification of the zodiac into degrees of barrenness and fruitfulness has been largely abandoned because contemporary astrological research has failed to verify this traditional interpretation. However, the traditional fruitful signs are still regarded as fertile in agricultural astrology.

Refranation Astrology

Pales X Pallas Athene X Palmistry and Astrology (Astropalmistry) X Pandora X Paradise X Parallel X Paran (Paranatel-lon) X Parsifal X Part of Fortune X Partile X Partridge, John X Patientia X Pax X Pecker X Peregrine X Perigee X Perihelion X Periodical Lunation X Perry, Glenn X Persephone X Perseverantia X Personal Name Asteroids X Philagoria X Philia X Philosophia X Phlegmatic X Phobos and Deimos (Moons of Mars) X Photographi-ca X Pig (Boar) X Pisces X Pittsburghia X Placidian House System X Placidus X Planet X X Planetary Moons X Planet-Centered Astrology X Planets X Platic X Plato X Plotinus X Pluto X Poesia X Polyhymnia X Porphyry System X Poseidon X Posited X Precession of Equinoxes X Prime Vertical X Prison X Probitas X Prognostication (Prognosis) X Progressions and Directions X Prometheus X Promitter X Proper Motion X Proserpina X Prudentia X Psyche X Psychological Astrology X Psychology and Astrology X Ptolemy, Claudius X Punarvasu X Purva Bhadrapada X Purva Phalguni X...

Gemstones and Astrology

Vedic astrologers do not work with signs per se. Their approach is more purist than that of Western astrology. The Western astrologer will make use of sign correlations in order to blend planet-sign combinations and will differentiate between, for instance, Venus in Sagittarius and Venus in Pisces, in addition to taking house positions and aspects into account. Both Vedic and Western astrologers who are trained in working with gems can, through the premise that everything is energy, suggest certain stones to enhance, balance, or redirect certain energies symbolized by natal planets or transits. However, contrary to some systems of magic, astrologers do not believe that one can use a gem to create a potential that is not inherently present in the natal chart. Nor can a gemstone be used for protection from the consequences of one's actions. They can, however, be used to increase awareness of potential consequences, thus possibly acting as a discouragement from taking inappropriate...

Sagittarius the archer

X PISCES (the fish) Reading the preceding description of the signs, you probably noticed that both Taurus and Libra are ruled by Venus, and both Gemini and Virgo are ruled by Mercury. Originally, when only the Sun, Moon and five planets, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, were known, each was given the rulership over two signs. While the Sun and Moon are technically known as luminaries, they are commonly referred to as planets. The Sun ruled only Leo, and the Moon ruled only Cancer. However, Mars ruled both Aries and Scorpio Jupiter ruled both Sagittarius and Pisces and Saturn ruled both Capricorn and Aquarius. As the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) were discovered, they were given the rulership of Aquarius, Pisces, and Scorpio respectively after careful observation and study. However, to this day, Jupiter is considered to be a sub-ruler of Pisces, Saturn a sub-ruler of Aquarius, and Mars a co-ruler of Scorpio In the future, if astronomers discover two more planets...

Monogamy and Nonmonogamy

Pisces is strongly committed to marital monogamy, for by nature she is conservative. However, times have changed, and she now is discovering her own unrealized desires. Her opportunities for outside sexual involvement are also more numerous. A woman may be looking for different traits in a husband than she seeks in a lover. In addition, the Pisces Woman's needs in the first half of her life are vastly different from her needs in later years. As mates, Pisces Women are loyal, sensitive, giving, creative, conservative. If convinced she has made a good choice, the Pisces Woman will suffer anything destiny brings her way. She performs miracles with small budgets and lavishes tender loving care on her mate. However, she expects rejection and easily talks herself into it. It is very hard for her to leave a man, but once she does she can easily fall head over heels in love with the next one. Pisces tends to marry more than once. The following represent typical situations which could...

Chakras and the Exaltation Points of the Planets

Sagittarius, Pisces Venus is exalted in Pisces, the sign of Jupiter, and the sex center. While Jupiter governs the general energy of creation and expansion, Venus reflects the more specific energy of love and reproduction. It is important that we align the Venus and Jupiter aspects of sexuality. In Vedic thought, Venus is the significator of the partner for the male, while Jupiter is the significator of the partner for the female. We need to keep our creative energy in harmony with love and idealism. Venus in Pisces gives a Divine love to transmute the energy of the sex or water chakra.

The Twelve House Reading

- Gemini House 1 -Capricorn House 2 -Leo House 3 -Aries House 4 -Libra House 5 Pisces House 6 - Taurus (her sign) -House 7 -Aquarius House 8 -Cancer House 9 - Virgo House 10 -Scorpio House six can be a tricky one, but you have Pisces there. Pisces relates very well to health, service to others and all living things. You may need to be a little careful of stress and strain, but apart from that, it bodes well.

Planet Ruler Exaltation

(or sextiles As explained by Ptolemy in the Tetrabiblos, the Moon and the Sun were assigned to the Rulership of Cancer and Leo because these are the most Northerly of all the Signs, and approach nearer than any others to the Zenith of this part of the Earth the Moon to Cancer because both are feminine, and the Sun to Leo, because both are masculine. This resulted in the division of the zodiac into a Solar semi-circle from Leo forward to Capricorn, and a Lunar Semi-circle from Cancer backward to Aquarius. In order that each planet might rule a Sign in each semi-circle, whereby it could be configurated with both Sun and Moon, Mercury, which is never more than one Sign distant from the Sun, was assigned to the rulership of Gemini and Virgo Venus, which is never more than two Signs distant, to Taurus and Libra Mars, because it is dry in nature, was assigned to two Signs of a similar nature, Aries and Scorpio, whose square relation to the respective Signs of the luminaries was...

Introduction Astronomy And Astrology

Celestial Sphere

In addition, the 'fixed stars' within and outside the zodiac only appear fixed because of their great distance from the Earth. A moment in the Sun's journey is schematically represented in Figure 8, where the inner circle represents the months. Here, in the third month, the Sun is seen against the sign of Pisces. Now in fact the relationship of each area of the sky designated as a zodiac sign to the constellation after which it was named is even more arbitrary than in the original division of the zodiac. This is because of a wobble in the earth's axis as it spins, like a spinning top which is running down. Thus the North Pole describes a circle, taking about 26,000 years to reach the point where it started. The First point of Aries, or the point of the vernal equinox, from which the zodiac begins, has slowly moved backwards well into Pisces. This phenomenon, known as precession, was probably discovered by Hipparchus in the second century BCE. Ancient astrologers, naturally, did not...

The Signs and the Doshas

Vedic like Western astrology uses the twelve signs of the zodiac. However, in the Vedic system, the signs are a twelvefold division of the fixed stars, what is called a 'sidereal zodiac', not tropically based as is the case with the signs of western astrology based upon the equinoxes.16 The difference between the two systems, which coincided nearly two thousand years ago, is now around 24 degrees, with the point of the vernal equinox around 6 degrees of Pisces sidereally, moving backward toward the sign Aquarius.17 While those trained in western astrology may find this reorientation of signs to be confusing, it is not only more accurate astronomically, but is arguably the original form of astrology, which began with the observation of the fixed stars.18 The twelve signs of the zodiac from Aries to Pisces represent the fields in which the nine planets operate. They are an extension of the qualities of their ruling planets, for example, with Mars-ruled Aries having a strong Mars energy...

Jupiter In The Twelve Houses

Jupiter afflicted on the Ascendant gives a tendency to self- indulgence, according to the sign wherein he is placed. If in Cancer the person becomes an inveterate glutton and literally makes a god of his stomach with the inevitable result that in the course of years he becomes excessively stout, the liver being particularly enlarged and as a consequence he is subjected to sickness of a serious nature. In Sagittarius it makes him an inveterate gambler who would stake his soul on the toss of a coin. In Pisces he becomes an incurable drunkard, in Scorpio a sensualist of the worst nature and so on with the other signs. It may also be said that whenever Jupiter is afflicted on the Ascendant the health suffers through some corruption of the blood.

Christian Attitudes Towards Astrology

It was not only sects defined as heretical who sought to follow Jewish precedent in investing the zodiac with a symbolic relationship to cherished religious concepts. Bishop Zeno of Verona, who died in 380 CE, has left us a sermon to new converts just baptised, which offers the first Christianised zodiac to survive.32 The theme is that the converts are born again under a new set of zodiac signs, destining them all to heaven. He links Aries and Taurus with Christ as sacrificial victim (lamb and calf) and Gemini with the Old and New Testament. Both Cancer and Capricorn represent the variety of vice. Virgo brings forth Libra, as Mary brought forward Christ as bringer of justice, while Leo is Judah the lion-cub and Christ resurrected. Scorpio recalled the passage where Christ was given authority to tread on snakes and scorpions, and thus refers to the Devil, like Sagittarius, whose fiery arrows recall St Paul's description. Aquarius stands for baptism and Pisces for the unity in Christ of...

Electric planets v Planets

Referring to the quality of sensory receptivity and reaction through the sympathetic nervous system that characterizes those born with the Sun in Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces - respectively, the initiative, executive and deductive types of the Emotional group. To classify this group as Emotional, does not imply that other groups are not capable of Emotion but where those of the Intellectual group experience emotion chiefly through mental processes, of the Inspirational group through a super-consciousness of the Ego, and of the practical group through a capacity for sentiment, the Emotional group appear to be motivated almost entirely through Emotional stimulation apparently generated in their nerve ganglia as reflexes, and which penetrate to the very fibres of their physical being. Feminine Signs. The even-numbered signs Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces. (v. Signs.)

Midheaven signs for leo

Pisces Conflict between a secure career and something creative but uncertain. Taurus Horticulture, selling, journalism, and fashion. Aquarius Possible scientific flair media and IT industries could be attractive options. Pisces Creative flair for design, photography, or video. Must control restlessness.

The Influence Of The Twelve Signs When Rising

PISCES, THE FISHES There is a strong tendency to mediumship among the Pisces people, and therein is a danger greater than any other on earth. No one should sit for development and degenerate into the tool of low spirits, but Pisces people in particular are lost if taken control of. They cannot free themselves, either in this life or the next, because generally inert and devoid of willpower. They are timid, and even the mean are tearful on the slightest provocation they love leisure more than comfort, and do no work which is not absolutely necessary to keep body and soul together. They love change of scene, rove about considerably, generally in an aimless manner. Being fond of good things to eat and drink, particularly the latter, and lacking will to curb their appetite when afflicted, they frequently indulge their craving to such an extent that they become habitual drunkards. The Sun rising in Pisces gives more energy and ambition, Jupiter, the ruler, strengthens the morals, and Venus...

Psychology of the Individual

Best psychically and emotionally when they have the opportunity to either immerse themselves in flowing water regularly or at the very least to be in the presence of water. Some readers may recall that Edgar Cayce, the great American clairvoyant, found that his psychic faculties operated more effectively when he lived near water, a fact which led to his moving near the ocean to Virginia Beach. Cayce's Sun was in Pisces, and his psychic readings are replete with references to the beneficial effects of being near water for psychic or metaphysical work.

Venus In Aspect With Other Planets

And in Pisces it leads to intemperance, but generally speaking, these aspects strengthen the constitution, increase the popularity and make social intercourse smooth so that the person finds many friends and keeps them. Jupiter parallel, conjunction, sextile or trine to Venus is one of the nest signs of success and general good fortune. It favors the accumulation of wealth and the enjoyment of all the luxuries of life. It is a good indication of a successful and happy marriage, social prestige and the respect of all whom the person comes in contact. It gives the person a jovial, optimistic, generous and large-hearted disposition, and makes hospitable to a degree interested and active in philanthropic measures, a liberal mind tolerant of the views of others even where he differs radically, fond of pleasure, traveling parties, and capable of enjoying life to the fullest extent. These aspects also give talent for music, especially if either planet is in Pisces. amorous nature likely to...

Appendix C Astrology Polarity Therapy

In Polarity Therapy (and also in Ayurvedic Medicine), the element air is associated with the nervous system, mind sensation, perception, and expression. Fire is the warming, energizing principle of the circulatory system. The fire current manifests as the light of the eyes and heat of the brain (Aries), the fire of digestion in the solar plexus area (Leo), and the motor energy in the thighs (Sagittarius). The air current is especially active in the lungs and as intelligence expressed through the hands (Gemini), in the kidney area (Libra), and it electrically charges the body in the ankle area (Aquarius). Water is the soothing, cooling, healing and nurturing principle which expresses itself through all the secreting glands and mucous membranes (e.g. Cancer rules the breasts traditionally, Scorpio the genitals and nose, and Pisces the lymph system.) The element earth refers to the gross matter of the body, to the physical form of the individual, and to the assimilation and elimination...

[This where the querent is suspected a Knave

Many Thieves, if Peregrine Planets be in angles. The Significator in a Signe of Fruitfulnesse, viz. Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces or in a Bycoporeall, viz. Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces or beholding many peregrine Planets. Proportion great, if the Significator have much Orientality, and be in Leo, Scorpio or Sagittarius. Proportion little, if his Occidentality be much, or the Significator in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. The upper part of his body is thick and strong, if the Significator be in Aries, Taurus, Leo his lower parts if in Sagittarius, Gemini, Scorpio. It's probable he inclines to talnesse, the Moon in Cancer or Pisces, Libra, Virgo or Aquarius give fleshy bodies, and well proportioned. Taurus- South and by East Gemini- West and by South. Cancer- is full North. Leo- East and by North. Virgo- South and by West. Libra- full West. Scorpio- North and by East. Sagittarius- East by South. Capricornus- Full South. Aquarius- West by North. Pisces- North by West. Gemini-...

The Signs In The Houses

We must consider the influence of Pisces and the position and aspects of Neptune. Neptune's aspect to the Moon will provide us with a clear insight into the personality of the native. H Pisces in the Ascendant Position 1st Decan of Pisces Pisces ascending denotes a restless, anxious, impressionable and mediumistic disposition. Fate is rarely under the native's control, as there is some impelling force behind pushing him toward good or ill unconsciously. He is kind and just, and he tries to encourage the romantic and sentimental side of his nature. He rarely understands himself or his emotions. He is inclined to be secretive, is very receptive and often inspired. 2nd Decan of Pisces The second Decan of Pisces rising awakens all the latent sensitiveness of the sign Pisces. It also provides a keen internal aspiration to become a channel through which the forces of good may flow. It lessens the methodical tendency of Pisces, but increases the inclination towards economy and usefulness....

[This rule is vulgar and not of any credit

Signes that signifie many Children are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces few Children are Aries, Taurus, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius. Divers shapes or formes, Gemini, Cancer, Sagittarius, Aquarius barren Signes are Gemini, Leo and Virgo Signes of direct Ascensions Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius Signes of oblique Ascensions are Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini. If the Moon in the houre of the Question be in the Angle of the Earth, in a common Sign, there is more then one if she be in any of the other Angles, in a fixed Sign, there is but one Thiefe. Looke how many Planets are with the Thieves significator, so many Theeves the Moon in a common Signe more then one. Lord of the Ascendant in a Male Signe, and Lord of the houre in a Female, Man and Woman (as aforesaid ) looke to which the Moon doth agree, viz. to whom she applies, that person is the principall actor the Angles moveable especially the 1st and 7th, or the Significator being in...

Odd And Even Numbered Signs

The planets exist to bring into the solar system their respective portion of the sevenfold cosmic energy from the stars. The planets are the dynamic principles, whereas the signs are the fields or tissues maintained by their movement. The solar system is an organism. The zodiac reflects the organic relationship of the solar system with the galaxy. The planets are transmission stations that bring in the seven rays from the galactic center, which digest them to allow for the evolution of the solar system and the development of intelligent life on Earth. By this system, Vedic astrology cannot accept Uranus, Neptune or Pluto as ruling signs, as they are ascribed today in Western astrology to rule Aquarius, Pisces and Scorpio. This would destroy the sequence of orbits and the logic of

The Ten Known Planets

Time Consumng Mora Practical Drawings

PISCES Each chart has twelve sections, one for each sign of the zodiac. The signs placed on these twelve cusps or spokes are arranged counter-clockwise, and so are the planets. Each sign has 30 degrees in it and the degree which falls on the cusp tells where a planet is to be placed on the chart. For instance, on the example chart for March the Sun (0) and Moon ( 5 ) fell in 10 degrees Pisces. Since this degree falls before 24-28 degrees Pisces (K) which is the sign on the tenth cusp, the Sun and Moon fall in the 9th section of the chart instead of the 10th section or house * The planet Uranus, on this chart, fell in 10 degrees Taurus ( tf ) and since zero degrees Taurus falls on the 11th section of the chart, Uranus actually falls in the 11th section or house ' (The twelve sections of a chart are called houses .) Most charts will have degrees and minutes on the cusp of the 1st house or ascendant, but it will be noticed that the Chart of the New York Stock Exchange has the connotation...

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Incorporated July 1,1854. Sun 9 degrees Cancer Moon 15 degrees Virgo Neptune 15 degrees Pisces Uranus 15 degrees Taurus Saturn 9 degrees Gemini Jupiter 24 degrees Capricorn Mars 25 degrees Virgo Venus 29 degrees Taurus Mercury 5 degrees Leo the Moon's North Node AIRWAY ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE (AWY). Incorporated July 23, 1920. Sun 0 degrees Leo Moon 8 degrees Scorpio Neptune 10 degrees Leo Uranus 4 degrees Pisces Retrograde

Mars In Aspect With Other Planets

Very extravagant and on that account spend more than they can afford on themselves, besides what they squander on their many AMOURS, so that no matter how much money they make, they are generally in financial difficulty, and not infrequently they figure as defendants in the debtor's court. If Mars or Venus is in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces there is a tendency to such dissolute and dissipated living, such a craving for low pleasures that, if indulged, it will drag the human being down below the level of animals. Mercury conjunction or parallel to Mars gives the same mental energy, enthusiasm and dexterity as the definitely good aspects but whether they are used for constructive and good purposes or for destructive and evil depends upon the other aspects, house position and sign which they occupy. If the configuration occurs in a sign where either or both are strong and well placed, as Mars in Aries or Capricorn, or Mercury in Gemini or Virgo, or if they are fortified by good aspects from...

Saturn In The Twelve Signs

Saturn in Pisces when well-aspected gives a tendency to success in some quiet peaceful line of life where these people do not come into contact with the public, such as laboratory or research work or in connection with institutions for the care of wards of the community they are regular home-bodies but when Saturn is afflicted in Pisces it gives danger of confinement by a chronic disease or liability to imprisonment. The person makes many enemies who will be persistent in their persecution of him.

Mercury In The Twelve Signs

Mercury in Pisces the occult water sign, seems to endow the mind with a certain psychic faculty which is not so much intuition as imagination. They think or imagine that something must be so and so and it is a startling fact that they are usually correct, but this ability brings them dangerously near to mediumship if Mercury is afflicted or when Neptune, the higher octave of Mercury, is in the Twelfth House. Therefore this is rather a dangerous position. If Mercury is afflicted by Saturn this position in Pisces makes the person liable to gloom and the mind will be subject to constant worry with a turn toward melancholy. Usually, people with Mercury in Pisces are of a kindly and benevolent disposition. This also is a good indication that success may be attained in chemistry and as a dietitian in the preparation of health foods.

Understanding Themes in the Birth Chart

Letter 1 Aries, Mars & 1st House Letter 2 Taurus, Venus & 2nd House Letter 3 Gemini, Mercury & 3rd House Letter 4 Cancer, Moon & 4th House Letter 5 Leo, Sun & 5th House Letter 6 Virgo, Mercury & 6th House Letter 7 Libra, Venus & 7th House Letter 8 Scorpio, Pluto & 8th House Letter 9 Sagittarius, Jupiter & 9th House Letter 10 Capricorn, Saturn & 10th House Letter 11 Aquarius, Uranus & Uth House Letter 12 Pisces, Neptune & 12th House

The Biological Humors Of The Signs By Element


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The four elements describe the basic qualities of the signs and of life. There are three signs for each element. The fire signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius the earth signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn the air signs are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius and the water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

Sun In The Twelfth House keyword secretive

Although you may lack self-confidence and need a lot of solitude, you are able to integrate the subconscious part of your nature. Your life before thirty may be somewhat restricted. Some kind of work in institutions, charities, labor or research appeals to you, although you usually prefer to work behind the scenes. This is often the placement for actors, since actors can hide their real feelings by playing a role. If there are difficult aspects, you may be your own worst enemy you must learn to serve and should not let yourself wallow in self-pity. The Sun in the twelfth house operates like the Sun in Pisces this placement depends more on the total horoscope than any of the other Sun placements. Writer Zelda Fitzgerald, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst, labor leader James Hoffa, TV personality Paul Lynde, comedian Jim Backus.

Harmonic Charts Patterns Of Astrological Intricasy

Gemini is Gemini that of Cancer is Pisces that of Leo is Leo that of Virgo is Pisces is Scorpio. This chart is done in a peculiar way, the explanation for which I have not seen. With odd signs the first five degrees, 00 00--05 00 corresponds to Aries, the next five, 05 00--10 00, to Aquarius, the next eight, 10 00--18 00 to Sagittarius, the next seven, 18 00--25 00, to Gemini, and the last five, 25 00--30 00, to Libra. For even signs the first five degrees, 00 00--05 00, relate to Taurus, the next seven 05 00--12 00 to Virgo, the next eight, 12 00--20 00 to Pisces, the next five, 20 00--25 00 to Capricorn, and the last five, 25 00--30 00 to Scorpio. There are no harmonic thirtieth positions in Cancer or Leo.

Aspects Of The Moon To Other Planets

Mars square or opposition to the Moon gives a very quick temper with a tendency to hasty or impulsive expression and acts that may cause the person a great deal of sorrow and trouble. These people resent rules or regulations or any other measures that tend to curb their desires or the gratification of their appetites in whatever direction, but if they are in authority they are very domineering and exacting in their demands for instant obedience upon the part of others, nor do they hesitate to use whatever physical force may be necessary to compel obedience if they think they can do so without great danger to themselves. Sometimes they will even take desperate changes to satisfy their spite and having an improperly balanced mind they are foolhardy in their venturesomeness so that upon occasion they will attempt to do things which no one with a sane mind would try. On account of the foregoing consciousness such people make many enemies and cause a great deal of suffering to others,...

Interpretive Guidelines for the Signs on the House Cusps

EXAMPLE Pisces on the 2nd house cusp. One's experience with material security often can take on an elusive or confusing quality. No matter how practical the person may be otherwise, the experience of having secure material resources always contains some element of idealism or doubt. Seemingly, the person is learning to let go of a sense of control in this area.

Lesson 1 Introduction

There are two kinds of astrology practiced in the west. One is called tropical astrology the other, sidereal. Tropical astrology gives the position of a planet by sign. Sidereal astrology gives the position by constellation. To understand the difference between the two, we must understand the difference between the signs and the constellations. Both have the same names, which can cause considerable confusion to beginners. Approximately 4,000 years ago, when on the vernal equinox, the first day of spring, the Sun was in the constellation of Aries, there was no difference. The signs and the constellations coincided. Now, because of precession, the slow wobble of the Earth about its axis, the Sun enters the vernal equinox in the sign of Aries but in the constellation of Pisces. Thus signs are calculated from what astrologers call the Aries ingress, or the point at which the Sun reaches 0 Aries. This point is now located in the constellation Pisces. We mention this here, right at the...

Pluto In The Twelfth House

If we are right about Pluto being exalted in Pisces, then the position of Pluto in the 12th house is going to be very important. This house, as the sign it rules, is the most psychically permeable. Neptune is placed at the meeting point between our solar system and an inferior solar system. It is from this inferior solar system that Pluto draws its primitive force. That is why it is known as a dark planet. Behind it lies Minerva, a planet not yet discovered.* Only the few who are light filled and ego-free will see her and recognize her power. Those completely caught in the personality will see Pluto as a malefic. Those who recognize this planet as a necessary purging process and are willing to go through the purging will see light on the other side of darkness.

Jupiter through the zodiac

Satellites 16 Keywords Expansion, optimism Rules Sagittarius (and traditionally Pisces) jupiter in pisces The traditional ruler of Pisces will contribute a philosophical outlook with strong spiritual beliefs, whether associated with an accepted religion or New Age concepts. There is a very great deal of intuition which, while these individuals must listen to it, must be balanced with logic and common sense to prevent emotions being over-dramatically expressed. There is a compassionate spirit and tremendously sympathetic and caring rapport with other people. There are those who have genuine psychic powers it is essential that they work with someone experienced in these disciplines to prevent negativity or misguided use.