Yourself using your good imagination your artistic abilities but especially your ability with words

Note that a portion of the original paragraph above has been deleted since similar material is covered in the added paragraph below. We're trying to minimize the repetition throughout.

Add the five 3's Intensity Point (chart 8: the intensity table) and the 3 Prime Intensifier (chart 8: the intensity table) here.

These predominantly positive modifiers are added here to the positive energy of the 3 Birthday. These modifiers could have been included in Step 7: Characteristics of the Birthday. They're included here instead because I wanted to start the reading on a strong positive note. There's going to be a lot of negative energy expressed in this delineation—the 14/5 Karmic Debt in particular. If you begin the reading very positively, the subject is likely to be more receptive when the going gets rough.

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