You have a reasonably wellbalanced temperament Strong Mental average Physical and Emotional weak Intuitive so most of your energy is likely to be used The only parts that are not likely to be developed would be those portions having to do with spiritual p

expect you to fully develop your understanding of life on a deep intuitive level (9 Soul Urge, weak Intuitive component), or to completely express an inspirational approach to your activities (9 Soul Urge, weak Intuitive component). In your mature years, there is the possibility of increasing your awareness of the spiritual world (11 Maturity Number), but Td be surprised if you work on this very much (weak Intuitive component).

Td expect a good deal of emphasis on mental matters—matters that deal with reason, logic and facts (strong Mental component). I'd expect you to come up with a lot of original intellectual ideas (5 Life Path, strong Mental component), and these may be instrumental in demonstrating your leadership abilities (four l's Intensity Point). You're likely to use your strong verbal abilities [five 3's Intensity Point, 3 Prime Intensified to communicate your superior grasp of facts and reasons (strong Mental component), along with your feelings (average Emotional component). .

Your ability to be helpful, to balance and harmonize situations (6 Expression) is probably expressed in a clear, reasoned way (strong Mental component). Your work with the old, young or sick (6 Expression) may involve organizing along with po-litical or business activities (strong Mental component). You may show your humanitarian ways (9 Soul Urge) by expressing your sympathy and understanding (average Emotional component), or by physically caring for others (average Physical component), but I suspect that you may stress an intellectual orientation {strong Mental component) — by writing and speaking for causes in which you believe, for instance (five 3's Intensity Point, 3 Prime Intensifier).

You're good at taking care of the details (2 Karmic Lesson) and you're likely to handle them in a reasonable and logical manner (strong Mental component).

Your sensitivity (6 Expression, 2 Maturity Number) is likely to contribute to your ability to help others because of your fine grasp of the facts of a situation (strong Mental component).



The description is based on the First Letter H (chart 11: the first letter), and the First Vowel A (chart 12: the first letter).

The first paragraph lists traits which limit the experience. The last three paragraphs list characteristics which enhance the experience.

Those last paragraphs are important in concluding the delineation on a strong positive note.

You are likely to approach some of your life experiences with vacillating thoughts (H) and an inability to marshal your forces for maximum impact (A). This emphasis stresses your changeable nature [14/5 Karmic Debt) and tends to limit your experience.

I'd expect, though, that you approach much of your experience with a more positive direction [more A and H traits are positive rather than negative). I'd expect that you approach a good deal of experience as an executive or leader (#), using your good mind and creative mentality (A), tending to promote quietly in a progressive manner (A), with originality and innovation (A).

Your approach is likely to often stress your self-starting capability (A) and the high-level consciousness which allows you to meet situations with an extreme awareness of the material world along with the possibility of achieving material success —money, power, status (H).

In addition, your approach stresses your ability to work well with others (//) using your keen perception of people and events (H) as well as your sensitivity and idealism (A). All these positive emphases in your approach will tend to enhance your experience.

For this delineation, sixteen of the eighteen modifiers in the delineation outline on pages 195-6 were added to the core elements. (The description of the 3,6,9 group was omitted as explained in Step 3, and the 7 Karmic Lesson was omitted as explained in Step 23.) Approximately half of the original steps in the core synthesis were revised, some significantly, and three additional steps were added.

Use of modifiers, in

Hal Allen's delineation

Do you remember the summary of the core synthesis in Chapter 7?

Harlan William Allen, born May 12,1941, is an active, versatile, freedom-loving person with much excitement and adventure in his life, enhanced by his expression of the joy of living. He has the capability of being responsible, loving and giving. He must learn to balance the somewhat self-centered exhilaration he finds in freedom with his inner need to give much to others in the way of friendship, love and affection. He has the potential for artistic or creative endeavor.

A summary of the delineation with core and modifiers reads like this: (The additions to the original summary are underlined.)

Harlan William Allen, born May 12, 1941, has the potential to be an active, versatile freedom-loving person with much excitement and adventure in his life. He must first overcome his early tendencies to be erratic and overindulge in physical pleasures. He must also learn to profit from his mistakes and

Core summary

Core and modifier summary live comfortably with change. He can enhance his life by his expression of the joy of living.

He has the capability of being responsible and he'll have more responsibility than may seem a fair share. He's loving, giving, tactful, diplomatic and sensitive, but he does tend, at times, to be controlling and dominating. He'll unlock his experiences, when he gives for the pleasure of giving with no expectation of reward or return.

Hal must learn to balance the somewhat self-centered exhilaration he finds in freedom with his inner need to give much to others in the way of friendship, love and affection. He probably has superior talents in writing —a strong capability with words —and he has the potential for considerable artistic and creative endeavor.

His basic viewpoint stresses a strong mental disposition. When he's approaching experiences positively, he emphasizes his leadership, creativity, awareness of the material world and ability to work well with others.

Commentary Before proceeding to Part IV and advanced delineations in Volume 2, I think it would be advisable to concentrate on doing some readings as completely as we've done Hal Allen's—perhaps your own, some members of your family or a few close friends. Read for people you know well, so you can appreciate the correlation between the delineation and real life. For these readings, first synthesize the core as we did in Chapter 7—then add the modifiers as we did here.

I'll be the first to admit that there are a lot of fine points and a lot of details to think about and clarify. When we get to the advanced delineations, we'll learn how to arrive at a complete reading with a far easier flow than in this chapter. The easier flow, though, will, to a significant extent, be a product of an understanding of the individual modifiers and their relation to the completed delineation. If you take your time and build a . solid foundation here, the advanced readings will be easier to handle and the whole field of numerology will, I expect, prove remarkably accessible.


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