You are usually willing to work to understand

deep, difficult subjects, to search for hidden fundamentals.

This trait is not modified by the aspects.

Although you have the potential to be peaceful and poised, particularly in your mature years, your self-contained nature and your tendency to be shy and retiring may stand in the way of achieving this potential with ease.

The 7- 7 discord takes its toll here. STEP 14


Modify the negative attitudes of the Expression based on the aspects found in Step 12.

From chart 3: the expression list the negative attitudes of the 7 Expression from the bottom horizontal division. Study each trait to see how it is affected by the strong discord with the 7 Life Path and the discord with the 6 Soul Urge.

I hope you've learned to put more trust in others than you did when you were younger. Your self-containment is likely to make it an effort to get close, but your concern for others, if you can express it openly, may lead the way to better relations.

The self-containment, from the 7- 7 aspect, and the conflict between concern and introspection, from the 7• 6 aspect, are both expressed.

In your early years you displayed a lack of adaptability, at times an extreme inflexibility. These traits work against you. This is an area where change would be of much benefit.

The introspection and self-centered characteristics described next in Chart 3 have already been covered in relation to the Life Path traits and are omitted here.

There's certainly a loving, responsible side to your nature, but in the past, it's sometimes been overpowered by your critical, unsympathetic or intolerant attitudes. These latter characteristics are a strong obstacle to better relations with others.

The 7- 6 conflict is expressed with, of course, a lot of emphasis on the positive 6 energy.

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