When you are concerned about others you are very sympathetic generous and kind At these

times, your sensitive nature expresses much love, compassion and tolerance. There may be times, though, when you prefer not to be involved at all.

The 9-5 discord is expressed by the possibility of sometimes being involved and sometimes not. The 9• 6 harmony enhances the attitude expressed, and accounts for the "very sympathetic, etc.," and the "much love, etc."

You possess a deep, intuitive understanding of life, innate wisdom, good intuition and a broad point of view.

These traits are expressed as indicated in Chart 4. The 5 and 9 do not add or subtract.

You are capable, at times, of expressing high ideals and an inspirational approach. You are capable of being self-sacrificing, but this trait is apt to conflict with your love of freedom.

The 9- 5 discord indicates the conflict between self-sacrifice and freedom.

You can give freely without being concerned about any return, although your desire to give may cause conflicts with your self-centered needs. The 9-5 discord indicates the conflict between giving and self-centered needs.



Modify the negative attitudes of the Soul Urge based on the aspects discussed in Step 20.

From chart 4: soul urge list the negative attitudes of the 9 Soul Urge from the bottom horizontal division. Study each trait to determine if it is affected by the discord with the 5 Life Path or the harmony with the 6 Expression.

You may be far too sensitive, extremely emotional with your emotions expressed very strongly. The 9- 6 harmony intensifies the sensitivity and the emotions.

You probably suffer from the conflict between your high spiritual aims and your need for freedom and personal expansion.

The 9-5 discord intensifies the conflict.

At times, you probably resent the necessity of giving. At times, when your giving conflicts with your own needs, you may not give, but you'll be dissatisfied anyway.

The 9-5 discord intensifies the problem.

Sometimes you're disappointed in the lack of perfection in yourself and others.

The trait is expressed as indicated on Chart 5. The 5 and 6 do not add or subtract.

Your tendency to be quite moody and critical at times is usually offset by your freedom-loving delight.

The 9-6 harmony may intensify the moodiness, but the 9-5 discord tends to balance the negativity.

When we started the core synthesis we knew only Harlan's birthname and birthdate. Amazingly enough, we now have a reasonably detailed idea of his character. When we started our discussion of the core, we compared it to a slightly fuzzy black-and-white reproduction of a full color portrait. We now have that fuzzy reproduction.

A summary of f;he core synthesis might read like this:

Harlan William Allen, born May 12,1941, is an active, versatile, freedom-loving person with much excitement and adventure in his life, enhanced by his expression of the joy of living. He has the capability of being responsible, loving and giving. He must learn to balance the somewhat self-centered exhilaration he finds in freedom with his inner need to give much to others in the way of friendship, love and affection. He has the potential for artistic or creative endeavor.

But just how accurate is the picture? There is, of course, no way to check on the fictitious Harlan, but, from my experience, I'd expect we'd come pretty close. But don't just take my word for it. Follow the 22 steps and delineate your own core synthesis. Do a few others—your parents, spouse, children, close friends. IF THERE'S A-MASTER NUMBER OR REPEATED

Summary of the core synthesis

NUMBERS AMONG THE CORE ELEMENTS, SET THAT READING ASIDE UNTIL YOU'VE READ THE NEXT CHAPTERS. I expect you'll be as astonished as I was when I began to be aware of the mysterious power of numbers.

If you've carefully followed Harlan's core synthesis and if you do a few delineations of your own, you'll be developing your own numerology skills. The synthesis, as outlined, certainly requires patience in the enfolding. The 22 steps are specifically designed to make you aware of the manner in which the various energies are blended. As you grow more familiar with the numbers and the idea of synthesis, the delineation process will become second-nature. When we discuss advanced reading, you'll see how we can simplify the 22 steps and produce even better readings.

Let's go back now and examine some assumptions underlying the basic principles of delineation.

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