Using The Modifiers

A MODIFIER IS ANY ELEMENT USED IN A CHARACTER DELINEATION WHICH IS NOT ONE OF THE CORE ELEMENTS. In each reading, there are usually between ten and twenty-five modifiers.



MODIFIER ENERGY (OR MODIFIER POTENTIAL) IS THE ENERGY (OR POTENTIAL) ASSOCIATED WITH THE MODIFIER NUMBER—the energy for individuation, independence and attainment associated with the 1, the energy devoted to relation and cooperation of the 2, etc.

From our tennis ball and pins analogy we can surmise that THE MODIFIERS ALWAYS MODIFY THE CORE, never the other way round. But what does that mean in doing a reading?

Let's look at a core with a 3 Life Path, an 8 Expression, a 5 Soul Urge and a 4 Birthday. Connected to this core are eleven modifiers. The eleven modifier numbers are 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, 9,11 and 22. In this simple case, with such diffused modifier energy, the core will be clearly visible and the modifiers will be secondary to the core elements.

Suppose, instead, we have the same core with these modifier numbers: 4,4,4,4,4,4,5,5,5,5,5. We know from Part II that, in the core, the Life Path has the most energy, the Expression has

How to group the energies by modifier number

somewhat less energy, the Soul Urge has less energy than the Expression and the Birthday has least energy of all. Adding the modifiers changes the amount of energy in the core elements, but doesn't change the relative position of the elements in regard to energy; the Life Path still has the most energy, the Birthday the least.

In the example under discussion, the core energies by themselves would be divided like this:

of core energy

of core energy

of core energy

of core energy

The modifier energies would be added with the understanding that the relative standing of the 3,8,5 and 4 energy stays unchanged. With the modifiers added, our diagram would look like this:

5 energy 9 i I I O 0 added 5 energy

Even though there are six modifiers with a modifier number of 4, there is still more 5 energy than 4 energy expressed in the total. Even though there are five modifiers with a modifier number of 5 and no modifiers with a modifier number of 8, there is still more 8 energy than 5 energy expressed in the total.

In the delineation, the relative position of the core elements is expressed by:

1. How many pages (or how much time) is devoted to each element. In this example, the discussion of the 3 energy might occupy eight paragraphs, while the discussion of the 8 energy would be covered in six paragraphs.

2. The emphasis placed on each element. The paragraphs devoted to the 3 energy might start: "The strongest potential you have is. ... while the paragraphs devoted to the 4 energy might begin "In addition to the energies already described, you also have, in a more limited way, ..."

By expressing the relative position of the core elements in the delineation, the core stays clearly visible and the modifiers are relegated to their significant, but secondary, role.

In a typical delineation, all the modifier numbers don't correspond with the numbers of the core elements. For instance, with that same core of 3 Life Path, 8 Expression, 5 Soul Urge and 4 Birthday, we might have the following modifiers: 1,1,1, 1,1,4,4,8,8,8,8. The 4 modifier energy would, of course, be added to the 4 Birthday energy and the 8 modifier energy to the 8 Expression energy.

There isn't any 1 energy in the core, but this energy, with its potential for independence and leadership, is related, I think you can see, to the 8 energy with potential for business, political or organizational leadership. We could group the energies, with the 1 modifier energy serving as a comfortable addition to the 8 core energy. The 1 modifier energy can then be expressed without limiting the visibility of the core. We would still, of course, preserve the relative positions of the core elements.

Our core-plus-modifier diagram would look like this:

8 energy 9l9ltlOd added 1 and 8 energy

IF A MODIFIER NUMBER IS NOT THE SAME AS THE NUMBER OF A CORE ELEMENT, GROUP THE MODIFIER WITH THE CORE ELEMENT IT MOST CLOSELY RESEMBLES. If there isn't a 1 core element for instance, the 1 modifier number pould be comfortably grouped with a core element of 8,4 or 5 energies. The 1 energy closely resembles 8 energy, has many qualities related to 4 energy, and some qualities related to 5 energy. If there was an 8 core element, the 1 modifier would best be related to it. If there wasn't an 8 core element, the 1 modifier could be grouped with a 4 core element. And, if there were neither an 8 nor a 4 core element, the 1 modifier would be grouped with a 5 core element. Let's express these relations in a simple table for easy reference:

Group 1 modifier with 1,8,4,5 core elements

11 22


Given the same core with its 3 Life Path, 8 Expression, 5 Soul Urge and 4 Birthday and the following modifiers—1,1,2,4,6,6, 7,8,8,8,11—the energies would be divided like this:

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