Don't misunderstand the relative importance of the Growth Number and the Life Path. Although the Growth Number Growth describes the energy which helps expand a person's develop- Number ment, the development itself is along the Life Path. and the

In Janet's example, the energy related to her 5 Growth Path

Number will light the way along her 4 Life Path. Her ability to be versatile and adaptable will help her with the hard work and service she's likely to encounter. In Lillie's example, the 5 Growth Number delight in change and variety will help expand Lillie's ability to express the joy of living—her 3 Life Path lesson.

Did you notice, in reading the descriptions of the Growth Special Numbers on Chart 9, that 1 through 9 define energies with case reasonable possibilities? And that 11 and 22 are significantly more difficult? Only rarely will an individual have the potential to expand his life as defined by the master numbers. Unless there's some strong 11 core or modifier energy to match the 11 Growth Number, you can be certain that growth along the 11 path will present some difficulty. Similarly, some strong 22 core or modifier energy would be needed for development with a 22 Growth Number.

As in other master number cases, the lower level of these energies may provide a more acceptable alternative. If 11 core or modifier energy is available, give the subject the choice of both the 11 and 2 Growth Number paths. If 11 energy isn't available, the 2 Growth Number alone should be described. Similarly, use the 22 and 4 Growth Number paths if 22 potential is available—only the 4 Growth Number if the 22 potential is not.

The Growth Number is placed in the center column of the organization sheet. Hal Allen, with a 9 Growth Number, would now have an organization sheet as shown in Figure 15-1 on page 156.

Since Hal has a 6 Expression and a 9 Soul Urge, we'd cer

Hal Allen's organization sheet and delineation tainly expect some positive energy to expand his experiences in accordance with the 9 Growth Number description. See Step 15, page 211 of Hal's delineation, where his Growth Number is described.

Four l's

1 Challenge

2 Karmic Lesson

Five 3's 3 Prime

Intensifier v3y


6 Modified Karmic Lesson

7 Karmic Lesson

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