The Third Element Of The Core The Soul Urge

THE SOUL URGE IS A PERSON'S INNER MOTIVA- Definition TION, WHAT HE WANTS TO BE, TO HAVE AND TO DO. The Soul Urge is third in importance of the four core elements.

The Soul Urge (sometimes known as the Heart's Desire, the Motivation or the Ideality) is concerned with deep inner longings. These longings express those matters which seem most important to the person, and these important matters are influential in determining the person's point of view, the principles on which he acts, his general approach.

Occasionally, when the Soul Urge is harmonious with other parts of the core, it may be visible so that others are aware of it. For most people, the Soul Urge is below the surface, rarely expressed openly. Many people seem almost unaware of their own Soul Urge, although they can readily identify with it when it is described. To the outside observer, the delineation of the Soul Urge often serves as a key to an understanding of a person, clarifying the person's actions and approaches in a most revealing way.

As we proceed along the broad channel of the Life Path, we are guided by the motivations of the Soul Urge. If our longings are easy to satisfy within our own broad channel, we are apt to benefit from the available possibilities. If we want something which we perceive as unavailable on our channel, or more available on another channel, we may be subject to conflict in deciding on which channel we choose to operate. When we synthesize the core elements, we will become familiar with how these disparate elements may be joined for positive development.

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