The harmony or discord of the aspects relative to the Soul Urge will modify the Soul Urge positive attitudes and negative attitudes expressed in Steps 21 and

Review the usually discordant 5 Life Path/9 Soul Urge aspect discussed in Step 16. Review the usually harmonious 9 Soul Urge/6 Expression aspect discussed in Step 18.

For Harlan, the 9 Soul Urge, representing twenty percent of the core is enhanced by the 6 Expression, representing thirty percent of the core, and opposed by the 5 Life Path (with the Birthday), representing fifty percent of the core. The selfless humanitarian outlook fif the 9 will be bolstered by the balance, responsibility arid love of the 6. The 6 and 9 will also provide a strong potential for creative self-expression. At the same time, the potential of the 9 for giving to others will meet strong resistance from the personal desire of the 5 for freedom. Since the 5 has so much strength relative to the 9, the conflicts between the 5 and 9 will be more strongly influenced by the 5 than the 9.

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