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There are approximately twenty numerology components which are derived from a person's birthdate and birthname. A complete character delineation evolves from the synthesis of these many pieces. The core of a reading involves only four of these elements. The core expresses the essence of a person— his direction, his strengths and weaknesses, his potential for change and development.

If we think of a complete character delineation as comparable to a full-color portrait, the core would be equivalent to a slightly fuzzy black-and-white reproduction of the portrait. The core would be as rough and incomplete as the reproduction—but it would be accurate, and it would give us the major characteristics just as the reproduction does. The reproduction might show that the person has large almond-shaped eyes, but until the color is added, you wouldn't know if they're black or blue or brown, arid until the focus is sharpened, you can't really know if there's an especially lively glint in the eye. Similarly, the core may tell you that the person is systematic and orderly. But when color is added and the focus is sharpened (or in numerology terms, when the modifiers are added) the person may be systematic to the point of stubbornness or rigidity.

The core, then, is the major determinant in the character delineation, and its power is diffused throughout the entire reading. The core, while only part of the picture, is accurate as far as it goes.

The core consists of the following elements:

1. Life Path

2. Expression

3. Soul Urge

4. Birthday

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