The Basic Viewpoint The Temperament

THE TEMPERAMENT DESCRIBES THE DISPOSITION Definition OR BASIC VIEWPOINT DETERMINED BY THE RELATIVE PROPORTION OF PHYSICAL, MENTAL, EMOTIONAL AND INTUITIVE COMPONENTS. Remember, in Chapter 10 (page 112), we introduced the idea of directing modifiers, modifiers that direct the energies of core elements and other modifiers? The Temperament is the first of the directing modifiers that we're going to discuss.

The Temperament (or Planes of Temperament or Planes of Expression or Plane of Consciousness) is a very important modifier. The disposition or balance of qualities brought to our activities is often a significant determinant of the work we do or the friends we make. The core, of course, represents the very essence of a person, but the person's Temperament—his basic viewpoint—may be important in attracting friends, mates or business associates.

The Temperament is composed of four components, each representing a different area of consciousness:

The Physical Component is represented by the body, deals with the senses.

The Physical viewpoint is concerned with tangible form, material matters, practical affairs, physical adventures.


The Mental component is represented by the mind, deals with thinking, reasoning, logic, facts. The Mental viewpoint is concerned with mental activities, business enterprises, political affairs.

The Emotional component is represented by the emotions, deals with the feelings.

The Emotional viewpoint is concerned with feelings, affection, artistic endeavors, creativity, imagination.

The Intuitive component is represented by the spirit, deals with inner awarenesses.

The Intuitive viewpoint is concerned with sensitivity to non-material experience—spiritual, religious, psychic, metaphysical—and ultimate wisdom.

Calculating Each letter of the alphabet belongs to one component group the as shown in this table:

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