The aspects

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Summary of 22 aspects: 3 harmonious aspects 1 harmonious or discordant aspect 6 discordant aspects 1 very discordant aspect

22 • 1 Usually DISCORDANT

22-2 Usually DISCORDANT

22-3 Usually DISCORDANT

22*4 Sometimes HARMONIOUS; sometimes DISCORDANT

22 «5 Usually DISCORDANT

22 • 6 Usually HARMONIOUS

22-7 Usually DISCORDANT

22-8 Usually HARMONIOUS

22*9 Usually HARMONIOUS

22-11 Usually DISCORDANT



Overwhelmed by extreme potential of awareness and capability plus intensified nervous tension. Difficult to amalgamate and assimilate the enormity of the potential involved in order to use talents at the desired high level. Usually, much confusion of intentions and much difficulty in organizing oneself to move in a positive direction.

Potential for substantial material achievement confused with personal attainment, use of personal power and self-centered material accomplishment. The achievement, though substantial, tends to overwhelm the individual who has achieved for selfish ends. He finds little of the pleasure or satisfaction he expected. The heightened nervous tension makes the path to achievement more difficult, the ultimate attainment unsatisfactory.

Possible approach to alleviate difficulties; The individual must lower his sights. He should work to achieve material freedom and the power which accompanies it, then learn to achieve the satisfaction which may be related to the material freedom at first, but is ultimately above the necessity for material attainment.


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