The aspects


Summary of 11 aspects: 5 harmonious aspects 5 discordant aspects 1 very discordant aspect

11 • 1 Usually DISCORDANT

11-2 Usually HARMONIOUS

11*3 Usually HARMONIOUS

11-4 Usually DISCORDANT

11-5 Usually DISCORDANT

11-6 Usually HARMONIOUS

11-7 Usually HARMONIOUS

11*8 Usually DISCORDANT

11-9 Usually HARMONIOUS


Usually VERY DISCORDANT A lost dreamer. Idealistic motivations overwhelmed by impractical schemes. Aiming toward spirituality with no grasp of mundane realities. Much nervous tension.

Potential for accomplishment is masked in idealistic, even inspirational words, but the hidden motivation—personal power, material accomplishment, satisfaction of selfish needs— includes little perception of spiritual satisfactions.

Possible approach to alleviate difficulties: The individual must lower his sights, work to achieve a more practical, realistic view. He can try to use the enormous potential to help others.

11'22 Usually DISCORDANT

The potential of the 11 for idealistic or spiritual achievement conflicts with the potential of the 22 for leading the way to substantial material achievement. The nervous tension of both the 11 and 22 act as an additional detriment.

(Sometimes, the potential of the 11 is practical enough to enhance the potential of the 22, leading to material progress. The nervous tension is still a detriment.)

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