Significant Difficulties The Karmic Debts


In calculating the Life Path, Expression, Soul Urge and Calculation Birthday, the elements are reduced to a single digit or master number. If the number "behind" the single digit is a karmic number, the subject has a Karmic Debt. The karmic numbers are 13, 14, 16 and 19.

4 reduced from 13 represents a 4 element with a 13 Karmic Debt.

5 reduced from 14 represents a 5 element with a 14 Karmic Debt.

7 reduced from 16 represents a 7 element with a 16 Karmic Debt.

1 reduced from 19 represents a 1 element with a 19 Karmic Debt.

Look back at Hal Allen's Life Path calculation on page 113. As you can see, he has a 14 Karmic Debt along with the 5 Life Path.

The Karmic Debt occurs in the Birthday for those born on the 13th, 14th, 16th and 19th of any month.

chart 7: the karmic debt on page 306 describes the different Chart 7:

Karmic Debts. The upper horizontal division describes the The Karmic reason for the debt and the general characteristics expressed J^g^f-when a core element is a karmic number. The other horizontal divisions express the specific effect on the Life Path, Expression and Soul Urge. The specific effect on the Birthday is already included in the description of the Birthday in chart 5: the birthday.

Commentary I express the significance of the Karmic Debt by writing the element as 13/4, 14/5, 16/7 or 19/1. The strong characteristics of the Karmic Debt may be one of the forces dominating the life. The Debt, caused by misuse of some of a person's forces in a previous existence, can be paid up in this life only by overcoming the strong negative effects of the very same forces. A Karmic Debt (sometimes called a Testing Number, Warning Number or Hidden Number) weighs a person down with negative potential. He must struggle against his own integral nature to pay the debt and balance the account.

Energies, you recall, can be expressed on a broad continuum stretching from the extreme positive to the extreme negative. Without a Karmic Debt, a person is free to pick the position on the continuum where he chooses to express his energies. With the Debt, he is forced to start at the negative extreme. If he is willing to understand the Debt, accept the burden and exert the effort, he can move to a more positive expression of the energy. In that sense, the Karmic Debt might be thought of as a symbol of reconstruction or regeneration.

The Debt is usually apparent to the individual, although he will often feel victimized by fate rather than responsible for the special experiences he has to face. If the delineation establishes the Debt as an energy which can be transformed by effort and awareness, the reading will serve an important end.

With a Karmic Debt present, there is no way to determine if or when the individual will learn to overcome the substantial obstacles to his progress. Few people prevail over the impediments by young adulthood. Many people (possibly most people) are still struggling with the negative emphasis of the Karmic Debt up to the age of forty. Until the handicaps are controlled, it's difficult to reach anywhere near the full positive potential. With a Debt present, the positive potential can be thought of as a goal to be reached when the blockages are gone.

Ted, for instance, with a 19/1 Expression, is likely to be so concerned with his own needs or so dependent on others that he will have difficulty approaching his executive and administrative capabilities for achievement and financial reward. Only when the negative 19/1 is understood and overcome can the - positive 1 potential develop.

The effect of the Karmic Debt is very strong when the Life

Path or Expression is involved, less powerful with the Soul Urge, and weaker still with the Birthday.

Many people, when given a reading, tend to concentrate on the negative aspects of the delineation. The Karmic Debt is probably the most negative information you are transmitting and must be handled with extreme sensitivity. Don't gloss over the Karmic Debt because it is difficult to express positively. Rather, work on your delineation technique so that your description of the Debt will contribute to an accurate portrayal of the individual's basic structure and be helpful to him in understanding his impediments and learning to overcome them.

Here's an example of the portion of a delineation expressing the Karmic Debt of Pierce, age 30, who has a 13/4 Expression. You'll see how the delineation expresses the Debt's powerful influence. There are five steps involved:


An explanation that the positive potential can be fully developed only when the obstacles are overcome.

The configuration of your chart indicates that, while you have some strong positive potential which can be developed, you started out in life with some blockages which must be overcome before you- càn maké the most of the positive energy. I can't tell whether you've already overcome the obstacles —some people manage early in life, others spend a good number of years struggling with the impediments.


A description of the general effect of the Karmic Debt.

From chart 7: the karmic debt, 13/4 general description in the top row.

You can't move ahead constructively unless you've overcome your obstinacy and dogmatism. You may feel limited and restricted, but if you rationalize your situation, it's difficult to change to a more productive path. You must learn to accept the responsibility for the predicaments in which you find yourself.

Sample portion of a delineation

In order to approach your positive potential, you must learn to work hard, often far harder than your share a good part of the time. You must apply yourself to the work at hand, be aware of the larger picture while still completing all the details. You have to learn to accept the stringent limitations produced by the inordinate work load. If you choose to be lazy, indifferent, negative, or involved with trivia, the problems are likely to be magnified.


A description of the specific effect of the Debt on the involved core element. This step is omitted for the Birthday since the specific effect is already included in the Birthday characteristics.

From chart 7: the karmic debt. 13/4 Expression description in the third row.

You tend to use your abilities doggedly in a rigid, one-track direction. The intensity of your drive may work to your advantage but the effect of this drive is likely to be negated unless you widen your vision.


A description of the negative characteristics of the core element. In a typical delineation, the negative traits are expressed as pitfalls to be avoided. With a Karmic Debt present, the negative characteristics are the probable traits expressed until such time as the handicaps are overridden. Be sure to include approaches to alleviate the expressed difficulties.

From chart 3: the expression. The description of the negative characteristics of the 4 Expression are in the bottom row.

You're likely to be frustrated by your feelings of limitation or restriction, though often of your own making or existing only in your imagination. You have to learn to see what limitations you yourself are bringing to a situation.

Your fixed approach works against you. You must learn to be more adaptable and flexible.

You're likely to have strong likes and dislikes. Until they're moderated, they'll be stumbling blocks.

Your tendency to be bossy, dominant and excessively disciplinarian will probably irritate others. You have to learn to get on better with family and friends or be prepared for much struggle.

You tend to concentrate on the details to the exclusion of the big picture. Unless you can see the forest instead of the trees, you're working against your best interests.


If the subject accepts reincarnation, you may want to conclude by specifically mentioning the Karmic Debt.

From chart 7: the karmic debt. 13/4 general description in top row.

Your requirement of hard work and your tendency to rigidity are payments to balance a karmic debt developed from a lack of application to work in a previous life.

There's some repetition here, just like there was in the core synthesis. Don't worry about it. We're learning some basic principles. In Part IV, Volume 2, we'll polish up the delineation and dispense with the repetition.

The energies should be delineated so that the subject can help his development by (a) accepting certain consequences of the energy as a part of his life, and (b) learning to transform negative into positive potential.

You'll find that about half of your subjects will have a Karmic Debt. Ten percent or so of my readings have involved people with two Karmic Debts. There are even a few people with more than two, but they are rare.

If there's more than one Debt, it is handled in the same manner except that more than one element is modified. If there's a multiple Debt involving the same number (as with a 19/1 Expression and a 19/1 Soul Urge), the effect of the Karmic Debt permeates the core along with the negative vibrations of the doubled number. Make sure to express this difficult combination so that the forces can be used constructively.

The significance of the number of Karmic Debts

An example There's no question that a person's life shows the significant effect of a Karmic Debt. It is clear, though, that a knowledge and acceptance of a Debt will add to the subject's constructive development.

Catherine, for example, is a woman in her late twenties with a 16/7 Life Path and a 16/7 Expression. SEVENTY PERCENT OF HER CORE ENERGY IS (a) KARMIC AS WELL AS (b) A REPEATED NUMBER. Her life, as she described it to me, had been a succession of broken romances and continued job changes. Much of her energy had been spent in efforts to maintain a long relation or a job she liked, but her efforts had proved in vain. A year before her reading, she had recognized that she was not fated to have an ongoing romance or a continuing position. Acceptance of this transient state of affairs had considerably improved her life. The impermanence continued, but now she enjoyed her pleasures when they occurred rather than being caught up in her fear of their loss. When I explained the nature of her Karmic Debt, she was pleased that she had already, on her own, understood the situation. My explanation served as a reminder of her basic structure and a reinforcement to her positive attitude.

Catherine, like anyone with a Karmic Debt to repay, found her life substantially affected, but she had used her own efforts, as anyone can if they so desire, to exchange the negativity for a growing life.

Hilde Agatha Parsons (page 93 in Chapter 9) has a 7 Life Path and a 7 Expression. You may want to compare the effects of the 7-7 energy in her reading with the effects noted here with Catherine's 16/7-16/7.

Hal Allen's At the end of each chapter dealing with modifiers, we'll ex-organization amine the effect of each modifier on Hal Allen, our fictitious sheet subject fr°m Chapter 7. In Chapter 21, we'll combine all of Hal's modifiers with his core synthesis to produce a complete (if still too wordy) character delineation.

Hal has a 14/5 Karmic Debt associated with his Life Path, as mentioned at the beginning of the chapter. His Karmic Debt is placed in the 5 modifier row on the organization sheet—in the negative energy column (Figure 11-1 on page 127).

Hal Allen's In Hal Allen's complete delineation in Chapter 21, the 14/5 delineation Karmic Debt strongly modifies the description of Hal's 5 Life Path.

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