Maturity number with strong similar energyj

At maturity, there's likely to be a réévaluation of the peace of mind that comes £

with knowing oneself. This mid-life appraisal is apt to focus on whether the ; subject has used his fine mind and good intuition to study and contemplate the deeper truths, and whether he's found, in the process, a deepening peace and i faith as a mainstay of his existence.

At this time in the life, the individual is likely to revise at least some attitudes ;

and actions in order to more fully experience the possibilities of peace and i faith. ;

maturity number with no strong similar energy

At maturity, a new sub-lesson is introduced: learning the peace of mind that ^

comes with knowing oneself. Since the 7 energy hasn't been a factor in the life C up to this time, there's probably been little attention paid to this introspective aspect of the life. At maturity, there's apt to be a shift in the life, bringing a new awareness of spiritual matters to center stage. This shift may be due to one of the following: ■

• the experience of another person (or group) who has achieved peace of mind may lead the individual to search in a similar direction, OR

■■■■<■■->■■ • a personal crisis of extraordinary magnitude may propel the individual toward spiritual explorations which haven't previously been of any concern, OR

• an awareness of the emptiness or dissatisfactions of the life or a need for more fulfillment may lead the individual to spiritual explorations. 'i

At this time in the life, the individual is likely to face some decisions about at- y titudes and actions in regard to his search for peace of mind and spiritual fulfillment.

chart maturity number

The subject is likely to find obstacles in his path due to: i

• his apparent "differentness," making it difficult for others to approach, OR

• his outward actions, often not what others expect, which may be discon- J certing or confusing to others, OR

• his strong introspective needs, possibly turning to or interpreted as self-centeredness.


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