Maturity number with no strong similar energy

At maturity, new sub-lessons are introduced: (1) learning the deep pleasure in handling responsibility and (2) learning to give and receive friendship, affection and love. Since the 6 energy hasn't been a factor in the life up to this time, it's likely that there have been few problems in relation to responsibility or affection. At maturity, there's apt to be a shift in the life, bringing problems of responsibility or affection to center stage. This shift may be due to one of the following:

• economic changes which may increase personal responsibilities, OR

• marriage, separation, divorce or illness which may increase personal responsibilities for children, OR

• change of circumstances which may require assistance with aging parent (s).

Along with the change in responsibility, there's likely to be a desire for friendship, affection and love, a desire which may not have been particularly strong in the years before maturity. At this time in the life, the individual is likely to face some decisions about attitudes and actions in these areas in order to achieve more satisfaction out of life.

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