Maturity number with no strong similar energy

At maturity, a new sub-lesson is introduced: learning the satisfaction of using sensitivity. Since the 2 energy hasn't been a factor in the life up to this time, it's likely that there have been few problems relating to sensitivity. The individual probably had little concern about his sensitivity or its expression. At maturity, there's apt to be a shift in the life bringing problems of sensitivity to center stage. This shift may be due to one of the following:

• sensitive treatment by others—family or close friends in par-..r " ticular—may make individual aware of the beauty of sensitivity and bring on a desire to develop personal sensitivity, OR

• insensitive treatment of individual by others (or of others by individual) may cause significant pain and spark an appraisal leading to a desire to better express sensitivity, OR

• difficulty in receiving any satisfying acknowledgement of sensitivity or contributions based on this sensitivity may trigger a desire for more contentment here.

At this time in the life, the individual is likely to face some decisions about his attitudes and actions in order to feel increased fulfillment in the expression and acknowledgment of his sensitivity.

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