Maturity number with no strong similar energy

At maturity, a new (and difficult) sub-lesson is introduced: learning the glory of the awareness of the spiritual world and the relation of that world to the material world. Since the II energy hasn't been a factor in the life up to this time, it's likely that little attention has been paid to this high level lesson. At maturity, there's apt to be a shift in the life, bringing a new awareness of the relation of the spiritual and material worlds to center stage. This shift may be due to one of the following:

- • an enlightening experience that allows him to glimpse the beauty of the spiritual world, OR

• an experience in the material world that provides the realization that other forces may be necessary for ultimate satisfaction.

At this time in the life, the individual is likely to face some decisions about attitudes and actions in regard to his awareness of the spiritual/material worlds in order to feel a sense of deeper satisfaction. This difficult new sub-lesson may not be approached at all. The individual may prefer to ignore this sub-lesson and concentrate on the alternative 2 sub-lesson.

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