Maturity number with no strong similar energy

At maturity, a new sub-lesson is introduced: learning the meaning of independence. Since the 1 energy hasn't been a factor in the life up to this time, it's likely that there have been few problems relating to independence. The individual was probably satisfied or disinterested in his relation with others relative to dependence/independence. At maturity, there's apt to be a shift in the life, bringing problems of independence to center stage. This shift may be due to one of the following:

• a financial arrangement which allowed him to be independent may end ' * ' or change, OR

• a spouse who supported him/her (financially or emotionally) may move out of the life through separation or death, or may not be able to continue the support because of sickness or financial reversal, OR

• an awareness of women's increased freedom (or children growing up) may change a woman's view of herself as well as her role in relation to her husband, OR

• a parent (or child) who previously led his/her own life may, because of illness, death or financial reversal become dependent on him.

At this time in the life, the individual is likely to face some decisions about attitudes and actions in regard to dependence/independence in order to gain more control of his own life.

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