Karmic maturity number

When the Maturity Number has a Karmic Debt behind it—13/4, 14/5, 16/7 and 19/1—additional obstacles to learning the lesson or sub-lesson are likely to be introduced at maturity. The obstacles are added whether or not the Maturity Number has strong similar energy from the core or modifiers.




maturity number with strong similar energy i

At maturity, there's likely to be a réévaluation of the meaning of in- s dependence in the subject's life. This mid-life appraisal is apt to focus on i whether the individual's ability to stand on his own two feet ij

• has been satisfactorily achieved or whether he still feels dependent, OR ;;

• has been achieved by taking care of his own needs, causing a lack of ^ closeness with others, OR ji

• has been achieved by domination of others. ij

He'll also probably assess whether the independence he sought and, at least to ^

some extent, achieved has enabled him to move on to leadership roles along i with a sense of attainment of meaningful ends.

At this time in the life, the individual is likely to revise at least some attitudes and actions in regard to independence, in order to achieve a more comfortable relation with others.

chart maturity number

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