Karmic lesson

In past lives, the subject showed a lack of sensitivity and consideration for others, a lack of awareness of details.

Sensitivity, consideration and detail work will play an important part in the life. The subject will find himself in situations where a sensitive nature and a diplomatic manner, are imperative for positive development. His environment will include substantial work involved with detail, often presented so that the details tend to obscure the larger picture.

Most people with this Karmic Lesson are born with a great deal of sensitivity and consideration as well as a sense of the importance of detail. Those lacking the 2 who are insensitive, inconsiderate and unwilling to be bothered with detail work are likely to meet with difficulties until they choose to learn the lesson.


chartg intensity table

q expression u joy of living


Artistic bent, imaginative approach and/or verbal £ ability are likely to be among most obvious strong I


intensity point more than average

Four or more: • May scatter energies or act immoderately

• Strong indication of artistic talent-music, art, against own best interests. i writing, etc. Three: *

• Excellent imagination. • Artistic talent—music, art, writing, etc. ;

• Strong capability with words—excellent verbal • Imaginative. a and/or written self-expression. . Good verbal and/or written capabilities.

• Strong self-interest, possibly self-centered, even . Many interests may make it difficult to concen- f selfish. trate to support own best interests. ^


average quantity of number i ONE or TWO 3's i


intensity point less than average §


See Karmic Lesson or Modified Karmic Lesson below.

r modified karmic lesson j

Problems with expression and social encounters good at selling himself. It's important for this sub-are likely to occur. He will have to work to express ject to work to build his confidence so that he can his feelings and will tend to be somewhat uncom- express himself with greater facility. ;

fortable in social situations. He probably isn't too •


In past lives, the subject showed little concern fidence in himself and improves his expressive with expressing himself, little joie de vivre. abilities, he will find these negative traits blocking ; Difficulties with expression and problems in social ^is growth. | encounters will play an important part in the life. An occasional subject will not lack in confidence Usually, the subject will lack confidence. He will or verbal ability, but the manner of expression j rarely feel comfortable enough to express his feel- —aggressive, over-dramatic or insensitive—will \ ings, will tend to be withdrawn or uncomfortable prove a stumbling block. This subject may well ex- § in social situations, will have difficulty promoting press his delight in the joy of living in a manner s himself. His feelings of inferiority may project to that is offensive—sometimes in a manner that puts others as a defeatist attitude. Unless he gains con- pressure on others.

intensity table

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