Karmic lesson

In past lives, the subject showed a lack of awareness of duties and responsibilities. Responsibility will play an important part in the life. The subject is likely to have much responsibility to carry. He is likely to feel the pressure of caring for others who cannot or will not care for themselves. People will sense that he can support a heavier load than others and will lean on him or depend on him much more than he might prefer. Family and friends, instead of helping with responsibility are apt, rather, to be the primary burden. The subject must leam, all on his own, how to comfortably deal with the responsibility that is his.

The subject will find much work is required to succeed in marriage (and parenthood). Much effort in balancing and serving others is necessary. Unless the individual is willing and able to learn this, marriage is likely to falter.

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analysis understanding

Rare. Í Excellent mind, scientific or mathematical abilities } and unusual viewpoint likely to be among most \ obvious strong traits. 5


■j intensity point more than average ¡

Two or more: • May want to search for and understand fun- 3

• Fine mind, capable of analysis, research. damentals, possibly in metaphysical studies. ^

• Suppresses feelings to a large extent. * Unusual viewpoint or out-of-the-ordinary ideas. |

• Technical ability, scientific or mathematical talents. i

average quantity of number ZERO or ONE 7

intensity point less than average


See Karmic Lesson or Modified Karmic Lesson below.

An appreciation of the non-material world will spiritual values may bring him deep and lasting play an important part in the subject's life. He's peace, likely to understand that increasing faith in

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In past lives, the subject showed a lack of aware- mon. The subject will have to learn an apprecia- | ness of the inner life, refusal to study or under- tion of the non-material world. Although faith in ? stand the deeper spiritual values. spiritual values may be a key to growth, it's likely 5 Since we live in an age in which little regard is t0 be of little interest to the individual. | placed on spiritual values, this lesson is very com- |

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