Intensity point more than average

Four or more:

• Feels considerate, helpful and friendly. Although manifesting, these traits tend to be negated by difficulties in distinguishing the best way to help. Good efforts often go to waste.

• Extremely sensitive. Often hurt by what they perceive to be others' insensitivity. The sensitivity may be emotionally and/or mentally draining on family and friends.

• Feelings of subservience, inferiority or fear of others may strongly mark lives.

• Very fine with detail work. May get so involved with detail that sight of the larger picture is lost.

• Appreciation of the arts.

• Most considerate of others. Helpful, cooperative and friendly. Expresses a tactful, diplomatic manner in most situations.

• Very sensitive. As a child and young adult, apt to be shy and retiring.

Feelings of subservience, OR Feelings of inferiority, OR Inner fear of others.

• Appreciation of the arts.

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