In the soul urge

The subject's important personal relationships may be marked by unexpected delays and interrup tions. His impatience and light view of responsibility add to the problems.

The 6 page of this chart is not applicable and is omitted.

chart rj the karmic debt

1 analysis 1 understanding

The 16/7 Karmic Debt developed from involve- well. Permanent relations—marriage, business ment in unusual or illicit love affairs in a past life, partnerships, etc.—tend to be difficult to main-affairs which caused suffering to others. The 1 and tain.

6 behind the 7 indicate the self-centered (negative In this life> the subject wiU continue t0 meet with 1) lack of responsibility and distortion of loving- substantial difficulties unless he devotes himself to feelings (negative 6) manifested in a previous life. selfless; loving ways> subordinating his own per-The 16/7 tends to exhibit the traits of the negative sonal needs. He is apt to" meet with strangely 7. The subject's "differentness" is often apparent, manifesting deceptions or losses which often His manner may make him difficult to approach, appear to be quirks of fate. Awareness of the Kar-He is apt to be most concerned with himself— mic Debt will provide an optimistic understanding possibly self-centered but, at the least, con- and the ability to keep faith in himself and the siderably introspective. His growth will follow his universe despite adversity. If, instead, the subject own leanings—his outward actions may often not expresses pride and vanity, the difficulties will be be what others expect. He may easily disconcert or magnified, confuse others, even those who feel they know him

Life is likely to provide the subject with many shift abruptly. Other matters may end in sudden examples of the transient nature of reality. This or unusual ways. The subject may be the cause of impermanence is apt to be expressed in the mean- his own undoing, or may be the seeming recipient ingful areas in which he would like to exhibit of some curious quirk of fate. Acceptance of im-positive growth. His status, wealth or power may permanence will ease the burden, change for the worse. His loving relations may

The subject is apt to undo himself in some unex- circumstances. He should not lean too heavily on pected way in vocational matters, or may lose his material attributes—his wealth, status and what he has gained due to some sudden or unusual power may prove ephemeral.

The subject's faith in his selection of friends and ficult for him to comprehend. Close friends may associates is apt to be severely tested. People on cease being close because of some sudden or whom he relies may prove unreliable. People he unusual circumstances, trusts may act against his interests in a manner dif-

The 8, 9, 11 and 22 pages of this chart are not applicable and are omitted.

chart the intensity table

See Chapter 12, page 129.


The Prime Intensifier, the Intensity Point appearing in largest quantity, indicates strong and obvious characteristics.


An Intensity Point is a modifier with more than an average quantity of a number, indicates characteristics of above average intensity.



An Intensity Point with less than an average quantity of a number indicates characteristics of below average intensity.


A Modified Karmic Lesson is a Karmic Lesson in which the Karmic Lesson number also appears as a core element.


A Karmic Lesson is a modifier indicating potential weaknesses, difficulties or obstacles because the modifier energy has not been experienced in past lives.


chartg intensity table prime intensifies

Important to follow own be If individual has difficulty g sibly because of conflict of

1 individuation 1 independence jl attainment i

i nt and get needs met. sultant frustration is likely to be among the most 5 etting needs met, pos- obvious strong traits. § »re numbers, the re-

intensity point more than average 1

Five or more: ation usually offends others and works against i

• Self centeredness and/or domination likely to the individual's best interests. Sometimes, if \ be very strong and block possibilities for other numbers indicate, domination is accom- f growth. plished by being weak and helpless and needing

„ aid from others. r. Four: ;; „,ClJ„ . , , , • Exhibits much courage, often in face of great ?

• Selt-centered. Own interests are strong and difficulties ¡5 must be satisfied. '

T i cm .. ■!■, j j , ,.,., ,, • Potential to use original ideas and leadership i thin slwnw adaptability. Must do abilities for positive° nds iikely to be stifled by * i gs wn way. self-centered lack of awareness. j

• Tends to control and dominate, but the domin- i

average quantity of number


intensity point less than average

One or two: • Still learning to be independent. Lacks consis- ?

• Lack of confidence in own abilities makes it tent motivation to follow ambitions. Often difficult to promote self. Has difficulty stand- makes excuses for lower position or lack of ing up for own rights against others' wills, direction, or rationalizes the difficulties often feels put down by authority. encountered.

modified karmic lesson

• Lack of confidence in own abilities makes it • Still learning to be independent. Lacks consis-

difficult to promote self. Has difficulty stand- tent motivation to follow ambitions. Often ' ind up for own rights against others' wills, makes excuses for lower position or lack of often feels put down by authority. direction, or rationalizes the difficulties -

encountered. ;

In past lives, the subject showed a lack of indepen- This Karmic Lesson is extremely rare and, when dence, confidence and ambition. found, indicates a significant coloration of the |

These qualities will play an important part in the core- Those P^P16 with this lesson usually have ? subject's life. He will find himself in situations llttle faith in their own Powers, look to others for * where he must be able to express his independence direction, are pressured by others' decisions ; or be overwhelmed by others' dominating ways, because of their own difficulty and/or fear in i He must learn to make decisions for himself or fall making decisions. They have great difficulty pro- 5 victim to others' decisions. He must develop his moting their own capabilities. Life is apt to be try-own ambition as a positive force for his develop- in§ until theV ^^P1 the necessity of standing on ment their own feet.

charti intensity table

relation cooperation

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