Growth number

The individual must work within the limitations he finds, in a positive manner. He must not succumb to frustration. He has to be careful not to be trapped because of a plodding manner or a narrow path. Learning to accept limitations is far different than falling victim to limitations, but the difference may be difficult to see at times. He must learn when the limitations can be changed rather than accepted.

He should try to be systematic and orderly, to organize with a strong awareness of the practical. The individual should be of service to others, though much hard work and patience may be required. He should concentrate on the satisfaction of the service rather than the difficulty of the work.


challenge f

In the early years, the individual is likely to have difficulty tak- I

ing full advantage of his opportunities. He's apt to be restless, i!

impatient, impulsive, even erratic. He's likely to tire quickly of S

one opportunity, move on to the next as soon as it appears. In '

matters involving physical pleasures such as eating, sex, drink \

or drugs, he may limit his potential with a poor sense of propor- ;i tion or timing. His need for security is likely to be poorly ful- jj filled by continuing to cling to some situations long after the f promise has been developed. |

He's using his freedom, his opportunities to expand, with %

negative emphasis. He must learn to pick and choose among jj these opportunities, develop the best of these in a responsible ii manner, move on only after he's accomplished what he set out to do. He must learn to curb his restlessness in the interest of achieving the lasting satisfactions he needs.



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