Growth number

The individual must expand his opportunities with his versatility and adaptability without running himself ragged and accomplishing little. He shouldn't jump erratically from exciting experience to exciting experience—he should use these opportunities for excitement along with learning. He should use his time and energy wisely—he shouldn't start unless he intends to proceed, shouldn't stick to something after the experience is completed, shouldn't jump to the new only because it's the new.

The individual should explore physical pleasures—eating, sex, drinking, drugs—as part of a balanced life, not as ends in themselves.

chart challenge/growth no.





In the early years, the individual is likely to have difficulty because of his insistence on his high standards. He's apt to appear authoritarian, intolerant, self-righteous. He's probably unhappy because he feels that no one measures up to his superior principles or shows any appreciation of his struggles to uplift others.

He's using his potential for balancing affairs with negative emphasis. He must, instead, develop his potentially superior skill at harmonizing situations. He must learn that his diplomatic approach will only be appreciated if others feel that their needs are met, their desires understood, their points of view respected. He must learn to allow others to set their own pace, make their own rules. He must learn to express his unconditional love and acceptance.


The individual must help where help is needed. He should learn r " to accept the responsibilities he finds and carry through with understanding and poise. He should learn to adjust and balance the forces he finds.

He should contribute his efforts to make his home a beautiful, protected, stable and helping environment. He must learn to give out friendship, affection and love and gracefully accept others' friendship, affection and love in return.



In the early years, the individual is likely to have difficulty i because of his discomfort with the situations he finds, situations |

aggravated by his reserved attitude and unexpressed feelings. |

He's likely to feel hopeless about bettering his situation, unable \

to act to relieve or change matters. He's probably a complainer, \

often extremely critical, with little or nothing to offer in the way \ of help.

He's using his potential for discrimination with negative emphasis. He must study to find the nature of wisdom. He must sj learn to share his knowledge and sense of discrimination with | open feelings, to have faith in his abilities (rather than being 'i afraid to use them), to respond helpfully when difficulties arise. I He must learn to approach others without reserve or aloofness. ;;


The individual should retire into his very depths to find faith and

* peace. Peace will come from within—it will have little to do with if money or material matters. j

He must learn to trust his intuition to lead in directions of growth. He must wait, when necessary, with patience. He should learn the pleasure of spending time alone—studying, \ meditating, searching for wisdom and hidden truths.






In the early years, the individual is likely to assume that satisfaction can only be gained and safeguarded by adequate material accumulation. There's likely to be considerable effort exerted to attain money, status and power, sometimes to the exclusion of almost all else.

He's using his concern with material matters with negative emphasis. He must learn to use his ability to gain money, status and power with a sense of proportion and an awareness of the relation of material affairs to other matters. He must learn to deal with the material world in a comfortable manner.


The individual should aim for success with balance in the "material world. He should treat the achievement of money, status and power as a means to the end of achieving understanding and pleasure. He should recognize that money, status and power are only one means of achieving this end, but they are significant means and should not be ignored. The individual must learn how to accumulate money, how to handle money, how to spend money. He should learn to avoid £

the pressure of needing more money than is comfortably available.



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