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We want to be sure that the core is preserved in the reading. To do this, we'll use the 22 steps of the core synthesis of Chapter 7 as a base. We'll insert the modifiers in the relevant places based on the outline we've just developed.

Let's look, for instance, at the 5 and 6 energy in the outline. The heart of the 5 energy is, of course, the 5 Life Path which is described in Steps 2 through 8. The description of the four modifiers connected with the 5 Life Path will be inserted in the most appropriate place in those steps. The 6 Expression, covered in Steps 9 through 14, will have its five corresponding modifiers inserted in the most appropriate place in those steps or, in one instance which we'll note, omitted as repetitious. When we've completed the 22 steps, we'll add an additional step to describe the miscellaneous energy and two additional steps to describe the directing modifiers.

We now have a plan of action!

Below, then, is Hal Allen's complete synthesis. We'll list each step, just as we did in Chapter 7, then provide explanations, in italics, of the many modifications to the original core synthesis required by the addition of the modifiers.

The actual delineation will be shown indented. The delineation contains all the paragraphs from the original core synthesis plus additional paragraphs describing the modifiers.

A paragraph taken intact from Hal's core synthesis looks like this:

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