Wilson is likely to have an extremely emotional point of view, a disposition displaying much imagination and creativity [from his strong Emotional component). His too emotional level is apt to add confusion, aggravated by his extremely nervous nature. (His Emotional component is greater than the other components combined.) He probably shows little intuitive awareness (from his weak Intuitive component).

Being a directing modifier, the Temperament is different than the other modifiers we've studied so far. The other modifiers describe additions to or subtractions from the core's inherent energy. The Temperament doesn't describe an addition or subtraction of energy, but a disposition toward the use of the energy. If you visualize the core and modifiers sending out a flow of energy, the Temperament would act like a filter, allowing only a portion of the energy to flow through.

Temperament as modifier

Figure 19-1 Temperament as direction modifier

In other words, the individual's Temperament or disposition toward his basic energy potential determines the portion of the energy potential he is likely to use and the kind of use he can make of that portion. (In the examples that follow, we're going to deal, for simplicity's sake, with only the core energies. But, in a delineation, both the core and modifier energies would be involved.)

Here's Olivia with the following core:

6 Life Path with much emotional energy potential

5 Expression with much physical and mental energy potential

7 Soul Urge with much intuitive and mental energy potential *

8 Birthday with much mental energy potential

Olivia, in this simplified look at her energy, has a substantial amount of all four kinds of potential. What kind of a Temperament filter would let all that energy through? A Temperament filter that had a good balance of its components—that is, four strong components. (If there were only one or two strong components and the rest were average components, it's likely that all the energy could get through the filter, but it would be easier for the strong components to get through and they would tend to dominate the Temperament.) It could be summarized something like this:

5 Physical 4 Mental 5 Emotional 3 Intuitive

For Olivia, the Temperament is just about a transparent filter, allowing all the energies to pass through for maximum impact. Olivia, with her broad spectrum of energy, has all facets of her inherent potential available.

Suppose Olivia's Temperament looked like this:

8 Physical 7 Mental 6 Emotional 5 Intuitive or like this:

3 Physical 3 Mental 4 Emotional 3 Intuitive

The description of both of these Temperaments would be similar to the description of Olivia's original Temperament. The digits themselves are, in this case, less important than the PROPORTIONAL RELATION of the digits to each other.

What if Olivia, with the same core, has an extremely disbal-anced Temperament, one that looks like this:

2 Physical 8 Mental 3 Emotional I Intuitive

With this Temperament, Olivia would display little interest in material matters (weak Physical component), feelings (weak Emotional component) and spiritual, psychic and metaphysical matters (weak Intuitive component). She would, on the other hand, display an extremely intellectual point of view and be apt to show considerable interest in business or political affairs (strong Mental component).

This disbalanced Temperament could be represented by a filter which would predominantly pass the mental energies. Of the core potential, the 8 Birthday is primarily mental and the 5 Expression and 7 Soul Urge have significant mental potential. A good deal of these energies are likely to be operable in Olivia's life—only the primarily emotional 6 Life Path will tend to be blocked by this Temperament filter.

Organization The Temperament, along with the First Letter and the First sheet Vowel discussed in the next chapter, are the only directing modifiers. These three modifiers are grouped in the next to last row of the organization sheet labeled DIRECTING MODIFIERS rather than being grouped by modifier numbers.

How to use the Temperament in a delineation

In the delineation, the Temperament is summarized in a few separate paragraphs rather than being included in the body of the reading with the other modifiers.

The Temperament, like the core and other modifiers, describes the probable conditions at birth. The individual's free will determines if the Temperament will be modified during the life. For most people, there appears to be relatively little modification. If the Temperament, then, indicates a strong bias, it is likely that some of the energies won't ever be explored or expressed. Occasionally, if the individual has a strong energy bias muffled by the Temperament, he may choose to modify the Temperament to allow these energies to surface. By including all the energies in the body of the delineation and confining the Temperament description to a few separate paragraphs, we are describing all the potential energies but expecting that only those energies that "pass the filter" will be expressed. The way is left open for a modification of the Temperament with consequent expression of the additional energies.

A friend of mine will serve as a good example. Daniel has very strong intuitive energies in his core, but a Temperament with a strong Physical component and a weak Intuitive component. His early years were devoted to the construction business, with no interest in anything that he could not see demonstrated or scientifically proved. In his later years, he has become fascinated with the occult world, although still maintaining his construction interests. He approaches the occult world, an expression of his intuitive energies, with heavy emphasis on the system and order he can find, a manifestation of his strong Physical component. Daniel is now making better use of his intuitive energies with his Physical component than in his early years. In time, he may choose to enlarge the scope of his Temperament filter, increase the power of his Intuitive component to further accomrxyoçlate his interest in the occult.

We'll look at Emily, with the following core:

8 Life Path 4 Expression

6 Soul Urge 1 Birthday and the following Temperament:

7 Physical 8 Mental 3 Emotional

Emily has strong Physical and Mental components, an average Emotional component and a weak Intuitive component.

From the component descriptions on pages 175-178, we would expect the following:

Strong Physical component: Extremely practical, common sense point of view expressed with concentration and determination.

Temperament delineation example

1 Intuitive

Strong Mental component: Motivated by reason, concerned with leadership. Intellectual orientation may be expressed in large business or politics.

Weak Intuitive component: Little interest in spiritual, psychic and metaphysical matters.

The strong Mental and Physical components will allow the use of much of the 8, 4 and 1 core energies. The weak Intuitive component will, in Emily's case, have little effect because there is little intuitive energy inherent in the core.

The delineation paragraphs describing Emily's Temperament might read like this:

Emily has a reasonably well-balanced temperament: her concern with mental and material matters is likely to be emphasized, her concern with feelings is present but less strongly stressed. (Since there is little intuitive energy or intuitive direction, it's not even mentioned.)

Emily's strong concern with logic and reason (strong Mental) is likely to prove of importance in her business dealings (8 Life Path). Her executive ability (8 Life Path, 1 Birthday) may be enhanced by her concerns with leadership [strong Mental) as well as her will and determination {strong Physical). Her extremely practical and realistic nature (strong Physical) and her concern with the economical use of resources (strong Physical) would stand her in good stead in the business world (8 Life Path), although her strong opinions (strong Physical) might just emphasize her tendencies to rigidity or stubbornness (8 Life Path, 4 Expression). Her strong sense of system and order (4 Expression, strong Physical), her ability to turn ideas into material reality (strong Physical) and her intellectual orientation (strong Mental) will certainly help her to manage and regulate (4 Expression) her activities.

With her average Emotional component, Emily's emotional energies, primarily expressed in her 6 Soul Urge, will pass through the Temperament filter, but won't be as emphasized as her other core energies.

Hal's Temperament is calculated as follows:
















Mental component = 12 _strong

Physical component = 3 (less than sixty percent of 12, but just twenty-five percent of 12)_average

Emotional component = 3 (less than sixty percent of 12, but just twenty-five percent of 12)__average

Intuitive component = 0 (less than twenty-five percent of

Hal Allen's organization sheet and delineation

Mental component = 12 _strong

Physical component = 3 (less than sixty percent of 12, but just twenty-five percent of 12)_average

Emotional component = 3 (less than sixty percent of 12, but just twenty-five percent of 12)__average

Intuitive component = 0 (less than twenty-five percent of

Hal's Temperament—strong Mental component, weak Intuitive component—is shown in the directing modifier row of the organization sheet (Figure 19-2 on page 184).

Turn to Step 24, page 214, and read the paragraphs describing Hal's Temperament.




Four l's

1 Challenge



2 Maturity Number

2 Karmic Lesson


- 3

Five 3's 3 Prime Intensifier



- 5



- 6

® 6 Secret Self

6 Modified Karmic Lesson



7 Karmic Lesson



- 9

9 Growth Number



11 Maturity Number



Temperament: Strong Mental DIRKCTINO Weak Intuitive MomnRS

50% of elements, sub-elements in 3, 6, 9 Group

Figure 19-2 Organization Sheet with Temperament

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