The 19/1* Karmic Debt developed from the abuse of power in a past life—acting in a completely self-centered manner, blind to everything except a selfish fulfillment of one's own desires. The 1 and 9 behind the 1 indicate the self-centered (negative 1) misused ambitions (negative 9) manifested in a previous life.

The 19/1 energy tends to exhibit the traits of the negative 1 in one of two extreme directions. (1) The subject may be completely immersed in his own concerns and may have great difficulty becoming aware of others' needs. He often undoes himself because of his inability to realistically see himself in relation to others. He is constantly surprised by others' negative reactions to his endeavors. OR (2) The subject displays an inabil ity to act on his own. He is unhappy with his dependent nature, but finds solace by blaming the environment or other people for his inability to stand on his own two feet.

In this life, the subject will continue to meet with substantial difficulties unless (1) he can look past his own needs to the needs of others, OR (2) he can work toward independence no matter what forces are tending to keep him weak and dependent. Awareness of the Karmic Debt will produce clarity about one's own needs, others' needs and the relation between them. If, instead, the subject continues to be (1) egotistical, dominating and aggressive, OR (2) lazy, fearful and servile, the problems will be magnified.

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