The 14/5 Karmic Debt developed from a misuse of freedom in a past life. The subject may have found freedom for himself at others' expense or in a manner destructive to his interests. He may have become overly involved in physical pleasures to the detriment of his development. The 1 and 4 behind the 5 indicate the self-centered (negative 1) irresponsibility and lack of accountability (negative 4) manifested in a previous life. The 14/5 tends to exhibit the traits of the negative 5. He is apt to be somewhat erratic, jumping from activity to activity—a rolling stone with little sense of accomplishment. He tends to pleasures related to physical sensations—may overindulge in eating, sensuality, liquor, drugs. He craves the new and exciting with little sense of proportion.

In this life, the subject will continue to meet with substantial difficulties unless (1) he learns to profit from his experiences instead of repeating mistakes, and (2) he curbs his excessive appetite for physical stimulation. The difficulties encountered may take the form of delay or loss. Awareness of the Karmic Debt will allow a more constructive use of personal freedom. If, instead, the subject continues to be restless, impatient and scattering, the problems will be magnified.

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