The 13/4 Karmic Debt developed from a lack of application to work requiring accomplishment in a past life—dawdling in frivolous activity, sidestepping work, burdening others with his rightful share of work. The 1 and 3 behind the 4 indicate the self-centered (negative 1), frivolous and superficial ways (negative 3) manifested in a previous life.

The 13/4 tends to exhibit the traits of the negative 4. His approach is rigid, obstinate, dogmatic. Although the subject feels limited, restricted, boxed in on all sides, he usually rationalizes his situation. He finds it extremely difficult to change his course to a more productive direction. When he complains about the limitations he feels, he accepts little of the responsibility for the pre dicaments in which he feels trapped.

In this life, the subject will continue to meet with substantial difficulties unless he works hard, far harder than his share, a good part of the time. He must apply himself to the work at hand, be aware of the larger picture while still completing all the details. He has to accept the stringent limitations produced by his inordinate work load. Awareness of the Karmic Debt will stay the subject from looking for easier directions. This awareness can aid in finding constructive paths for development, though these paths, too, will demand much in the way of work. If, instead, the subject chooses to be lazy, indifferent, negative or involved with trivia, the problems will be magnified.

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