Core Synthesis With Master Number Elements

The numbers 11 and 22 are master numbers. They represent the potential for heightened levels of awareness and understanding and the possibility of achievements of great significance. They are always accompanied by substantial charges of nervous tension. This combination of potential power and nervous tension does not make for easy going. The high level of energy can be extrejnely taxing."

It isn't possible to operate at the high level of the master number all the time. For many people, it's hardly possible to ever work at that level. Now, since 2 is the reduced form of 11 (1 + 1 = 2), the 11 energy devoted to illumination can be interpreted as a higher form of the 2 energy dedicated to relation and cooperation, with illumination and the dissemination of the products of the illumination implying working with others on a spiritual rather than a mundane level. Similarly, the 22 energy related to becoming a master builder can be understood as the higher level of the energy given to order and service of the 4, the reduced form of 22 (2 + 2 = 4). With an 11 element, you can choose to operate with the higher 11 energy or the reduced 2 energy, just as with the 22, you can use either the 22 or the 4 energy. I always write 11 as 11/2 and 22 as 22/4 to indicate the choice conferred only by the master numbers. (If the core element is 2 or 4, 2 or 4 energy alone is available and cannot be raised to 11 or 22.)

The choice we're talking about is not always a conscious one. A child with a master number element is always operating on the reduced level. Although the child would have some occasional glimpses of higher awarenesses, he would probably be more aware of the tensions he feels. Often, the tension and the latent power of the master number will be so difficult to live with that the child, or even the young adult, will express the reduced element with negativity. The 22 youngster is apt to feel frustrated by his limitations, by his rigid approach, by his concentration on details to the exclusion of the bigger picture. Instead of being able to use the 22 power, the youngster is expressing an overbalance of the 4 energy. The youngster with an 11 element often expresses negatively by denying the 2 energy. Instead of being sensitive, cooperative, considerate, the subject may be too sensitive, shy, uncertain, sometimes apathetic or indifferent.

As a person grows older, the power and awarenesses of the master number are more readily understood and used. Some mature adults may operate on the master level a good deal of the time, use the reduced level only occasionally. Many adults have difficulty with the power. They prefer to operate on the reduced level most of the time. Some adults, only somewhat in touch with their latent powers, prefer to stay almost exclusively on the mundane level.

The master number energy is there to be used if and when a person is ready. The master number tension is present whether or not the power is used. A subject with an 11 or 22 element reminds me of a moon rocket on the launching pad—enormous energy to be used—and the possibility of a premature fizzling out.

Birthday with master number

If the Birthday is a master number, the delineation proceeds in the same manner as shown in Chapter 7. The 2 energy of the 11/2 Birthday and the 4 energy of the 22/4 Birthday are already included in the description on chart 5: the birthday, along with an emphasis on nervous tension.

Life Path, Expression or Soul Urge with master number

When the master number appears in the Life Path, Expression or Soul Urge, the same delineation steps are followed as in Chapter 7, but the master number energies must be read on the higher level of 11 or 22 and the lower level of 2 or 4. The harmony/discord and the effectiveness comparisons must be related to 11 and 2—or 22 and 4.

' Look at chart 6: the aspects. The aspect 1-22 is usually discordant but 1-4 is usually harmonious. The higher level aspect is often at odds with the lower level aspect. The effectiveness is apt to vary, too. While 2-3 is an effective combination, 11-3 is relatively ineffective. The subject will feel a degree of tension because of these different relations of the high and low level energies with the other elements. You can imagine the difficulties when you're operating with two related energies, both an integral part of you, with one producing harmony and effectiveness, while the other tends to conflict and ineffectiveness.

Following is a partial core synthesis for Grandma Moses, the legendary artist. The step-by-step delineation that follows (the individual steps are similar to those in Chapter 7) presents the special way a reading is handled if the Life Path, Expression or Soul Urge is a master number. In this example, Grandma Moses has a master number Life Path. But a similar method would be used if the Expression or Soul Urge was the master number.

In the analysis that follows, we'll proceed as we did in Chapter 7. We'll first list each step, followed by a general explanation when necessary. We will then indicate, in italics, precisely where the information for Grandma Moses' specific delineation is to be found, and then show that portion of her synthesis derived by following the instructions. The actual delineation will be shown indented.

Step-by-step partial core synthesis with a master number element



From the calculation instructions in Chapters 3 through 6:

Grandma Moses was born Anna Mary Robertson on September 7, 1860. Therefore, she has:

22/4 Life Path

6 Expression 9 Soul Urge

7 Birthday



The central focus remains the same irrespective of the other core elements.

From chart 2: the life path copy the central focus of the 22 Life Path and the 4 Life Path shown in the upper horizontal division.

22 Life Path

Learn the ultimate mastery of combining the highest spiritual ideals with the enormous power to achieve the largest of material goals. With this master number, you have added perceptions, added awarenesses.. . .

Provide an explanation of the special choice available with a master number.

Your lesson in life, just outlined, is a high level lesson, indeed. Along with this high level lesson, there is an additional lesson on a mundane level. The potential of the higher lesson is available when you feel capable of handling the energy, but you may choose to spend some or a good deal of your time on the mundane lesson. I would suspect that, as a child or young adult, you found it far easier to operate on the lower level. As you grew older, you probably found yourself better able to handle the higher level power.

4 Life Path:

On the mundane level, learn the advantage of order and service in accomplishing your work. You will probably be involved in practical, down-to-earth work. You must learn the rewards of service. You will have to determine where your duty lies. . . .



From chart 5: the birthday use the keywords for the 7 Birthday. To elaborate on these keywords, read the central focus of the 7 Life Path found in Chart 2.

While you're learning to be a master builder and learning the lesson of limitation, order and service, learn also how to use analysis and understanding. . . .

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