Chart The First Letter

material satisfaction

Eighth letter: 8


High level consciousness helps bring extreme awareness of the material world. Executive and leadership ability. Works well with others.

Operates well in material world with strong mental capability. Uses good mind to achieve material success—money, power, status.

Keen perceptions of people, events.

Strong desire for advance may be blunted by changing ideas.


Seventeenth letter: 17 : 8

Large potential power, not always used in a balanced productive manner. Inputs dramatic energy levels into projects with which he associates. Capable of superior material achievement—money, power, status—if he can proceed without being self-centered or greedy.

Superior leadership ability. Good at directing efforts to achieve desired ends.

Often espouses an independent, unusual (sometimes eccentric) position, no matter what opposition is created.


Twenty-sixth letter: 26 : 8

Extremely dynamic energy. Self-confidence and will-power.

Capable of leadership and attendant material achievements—money, power, status. Greed or lack of responsibility may hamper his achievements.

Capable of inspiring others.

Deep awareness of emotions—his own and others. Can work through emotional crises with understanding. Suffers through his own deep feelings and awarenesses.


H: Best balanced of 8's. Q: Most unusual approach of 8's. Z: Most inspired of 8's.

chart the first letter

selflessness humanitarianism


Ninth letter: 9 See Chart No. 12: The First Vowel.


Eighteenth 'j let*ei"• • Humanitarian. Selfless. :

• Great understanding and tolerance. Strong potential to help others. May be taken advantage of by others. 'Ç

• Significant power potential. ;

• Idealistic. Sometimes led in impractical directions by idealistic views. ;

• Much emotion. Often, considerable emotional upset.

• Inspirational approach.

if 1

i y

I: More high-strung than R. R^ More selfless than I.

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