Challenge The Growth Number

Examples Suppose we look at Janet with a 5 Growth Number and the following core:

4 Life Path 8 Expression 1 Soul Urge 7 Birthday and modifiers similar to the core elements. Janet is likely to be „ hard-pressed to grow and develop comfortably. The rigidity of the 4 and 8 energies as well as the inward-turning 7 potential will hardly work toward the versatility, adaptability and excitement defined by the 5 Growth Number. Only a small portion of the 1 energy, the motivation to create and originate, tends in the 5 direction. The delineation should stress the importance of that part of Janet's Soul Urge potential in illuminating the depth of her experience. The reading should also explain how the other energies will tend to block the experiences.

Lillie, on the other hand, has that same 5 Growth Number, but her core has:

3 Life Path 5 Expression 22 Soul Urge 2 Birthday and modifiers similar to the core elements. The 5 Expression, of course, gives Lillie the ability to express the very energy the ' Growth Number is defining. And the 3 and 22 energy also have an expansive potential. With this core, Lillie has a good chance for development.

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