When the first letter is the First Vowel, as in Abigail, Everett or Yvette, the traits of the First Vowel provide the complete description of the natural approach.

When there are combined vowels, the traits usually ascribed to the First Vowel are actually a combination of the traits of the two vowels involved. The vowel which is more strongly pronounced would tend to be more strongly expressed in the approach.

For example, the combined vowels at the beginning of Audrey are also the first letters. The A is the stronger sound in the first syllable, so the A traits predominate over the U traits.

The combined A describes a sensitive leader, while the combined U describes a conservative receptor. I would expect any Audrey to have an innate approach stressing her leadership ability, her originality and her good mind (A characteristics), helped by her sensitivity and somewhat blunted by her indecisive ways (U characteristics).

When there are combined vowels and one of them is a W or Y, the W or Y traits are always weaker than the traits of the other vowel. If the vowel is W, it adds its approach along with a vacillating nature. If the vowel is Y, it adds a vacillating nature only.

For example, Boyd's natural approach is a combination of the traits of the combined vowels OY (sixty percent) with the First Letter B (forty percent). O describes a responsible, conservative, self-contained, sympathetic individual. Y adds indecision and restlessness. B's approach is shy, retiring, indecisive, very sensitive and very emotional.

Boyd's natural approach to experience would tend to be:

conservative (from the O)

self-centered (from the O)

sympathetic (from the O)

very sensitive (from the B)

very emotional (from the B)

indecisive (from the B and Y)

When the modifier number of the First Letter or First Vowel is the same as the number of a core element, there is a strong ENHANCING effect. The enhancing effect of the vowel is considerably stronger than the enhancing effect of the letter.

The I in Michael describes the approach of a humanitarian. If Michael has a Life Path of 9, he will tend to approach the opportunities of the 9—giving of himself for the deep satisfaction of giving—with innate understanding.

When the modifier number of the First Letter or First Vowel is the same as a doubled core element, there is a strong LIMITING effect. The limiting effect of the vowel is considerably stronger than the limiting effect of the letter.

The D in Daniel describes the approach of a steady builder. If Daniel's Expression and Soul Urge are both 4, he will tend (according to the 4-4 aspect in chart 6: the aspects) to feel:

Limited, tied down, frustrated, or Disorganized, unaccountable.

With his innate approach partially described by the self-disciplined, rigid, self-contained approach of the D, you can be sure he'll feel limited, tied down and frustrated rather than disorganized and unaccountable. You can also be sure that his innate approach will emphasize the similar qualities in his Expression and Soul Urge. His rational approach will tend to limit his development.

In a delineation, the expression of the First Letter and First Vowel is best described in a separate paragraph or two discussing the characteristics of the natural approach to experience as well as the tendency to limit, stabilize or enhance the core energies.

Betty has a 1 Life Path 4 Expression 8 Soul Urge 6 Birthday

Betty's energy is likely to be devoted to achieving independence (1), assuming leadership (1), carrying responsibility (4), organizing (4), using her executive abilities (8), being a good friend (6).

The paragraphs in her delineation expressing the First Letter and First Vowel might read as follows:

Betty is likely to approach her life experiences with a feeling.of adventure (E), a desire for excitement and variety (E). She tends to adapt herself well (E). She uses her good mind (E), her good perceptions and judgments of people, motivations and events (£) as well as her capability with details (B). She knows how to foster harmony in groups in which she's involved (jB). These characteristics will tend to enhance her role as a leader and executive.

Betty's extreme sensitivity sometimes makes it difficult to work with others who are less sensitive (B). Her tendency to be shy, retiring and self-contained (B) often keeps her more comfortable in a subordinate role (B). Although she starts many projects, she tends to abandon some of them or set them aside for a later time (E). These traits are likely to limit her strong capability for leadership and organization.

How to use the First Letter and First Vowel in a delineation

Here, we discuss both enhancing and limiting traits. Note that more space is devoted to the predominant E traits than to the B characteristics.

Hal Allen's organization sheet and delineation

Hal's First Letter and First Vowel, along with his Temperament, are placed in the row reserved for directing modifiers on the organization sheet (Figure 20-1 below). These three are the only modifiers not grouped by modifier numbers.

Turn to Step 25, page 216, and read the paragraphs of Hal's delineation which discuss his natural approach to experience.



Four l's

I Challenge



2 Maturity Number

2 Karmic Lesson



Five 3's 3 Prime Intensifier




- 5




► 6

% 6 Secret Self

6 Modified Karmic Lesson



7 Karmic Lesson




9 Growth Number



11 Maturity Number



Temperament: Strong Mental DIRKCTINO Weak Intuitive MODIFIERS Fjrst Letter. H -

First Vowel: A

50% of elements, sub-elements in 3, 6, 9 Group

Figure 20-1

Organization Sheet with First Letter and First Vowel

Figure 20-1

Organization Sheet with First Letter and First Vowel

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