An Inner Dream The Secret Self

THE SECRET SELF DESCRIBES A DREAM OF Definition DESIRES CHERISHED DEEP IN THE RECESSES OF THE MIND. The Secret Self (or Quiescent Self or Quiet Self or Latent Self) is a modifier of lesser importance.

The Secret Self adds a special energy even though it's rarely connected to the realities of an individual's life. It usually doesn't have any relation to a person's opportunities, abilities or apparent desirest It's always a pleasurable fantasy, usually a fantasy of achievements which the individual makes little effort to actually accomplish. The contrast between the fantasy and the life is often fascinating and perplexing, though most people readily acknowledge their love of the fantasy as well as their lack of interest in making it a reality. Though only a disconnected dream, the Secret Self adds a dimension to the individual, a dimension different than that added by any other modifier.

The Secret Self is derived by finding the sum of the number Calculation values of all the consonants in each name, reducing this sum to a single digit or master number, then adding the sums of all the names together and reducing that total to a single digit or master number. For instance:

ABRAHAM LINCOLN 29 8 4 3 53 35 (23) 5 + (19) 1 = 6 Secret Self

FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT 69 523 5 4 3 5 9 1 4 32

HARRY S. TRUMAN 8 99 1_ 29 4 5 (26) 8 + 1 + (20) 2 = 11 Secret Self

Commentary The Secret Self is simply a dream with the keywords or essence of the Secret Self number as the ultimate development of the dream. Lincoln, for instance, with his 6 Secret Self, probably looked forward, in his mind's eye, to the beauty of home, family and friends; Roosevelt, in his private fantasy, is likely to have delighted in being an all-wise mystic (7 Secret Self); Truman, in secret, is apt to have contemplated a life dedicated to a spiritual mission (11 Secret Self). These three men of action cherished such very different dreams. Can you see how this modifier gives you such a special insight?

There are only a few instances where the Secret Self has any chance of being related to reality.

If the Secret Self and the Life Path are the same number, the desire of the Secret Self matches the opportunities of the Life Path. Here, the individual may work to obtain the pleasure of harmonizing the dream with the real world.

If the Secret Self and the Soul Urge are the same number, the fantasy desire of the Secret Self matches the apparent desire described by the Soul Urge. The fantasy becomes a realistic desire here with the possibility of fulfillment dependent on the rest of the core and the modifiers.

Expression The Secret Self, if included at all, is mentioned in the delin-in eation along with other modifiers of the same or similar delineation nurn^er- ^ the Secret Self doesn't match the Life Path or the Soul Urge, it can be omitted or included with a minimum description. (I usually include it because it fascinates me, and because it often adds a dramatic contrast.) If the Secret Self matches the Life Path or the Soul Urge, the deep satisfaction obtainable with the possibility of fulfillment should be discussed along with a full description of the dream.

The Secret Self is placed in the central column of the organi- Hal Allen's

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