• Adaptable. Versatile.

• Mental activity.

• A good deal is started, but continuity may be lacking, sometimes causing discord.

Twenty-third letter: 23 : 5


Can only be COMBINED VOWEL and follow another letter as in Howard, Seward

• Strong energy can be used in positive or negative direction, particularly in material affairs. With great effort, energy can be used for superior achievement; with much less effort, energy can be used to promote negative ends: —If core stresses egotism, domination, self-centeredness, (1,4,8 particularly),

W energy tends to emphasize these negative traits. —If core stresses awareness or helpfulness to others (2,6,7,9,11), W energy tends to emphasize these positive traits. —If core stresses freedom (5 particularly), W energy stresses freedom. Rest of core and free will determine whether direction is positive or negative.

• Often vacillates between several different points of view.

12 6

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