I would like to acknowledge the many people who helped. Thanks—

to the special friend (who prefers to remain anonymous) who first introduced me to numerology, to Naomi Weisman, who shared her insights, to Dana Holliday, who contributed her unique awarenesses, to Kelley Jeane Younger, for helping to make this project a reality and for consulting on the book, to Anne Brenden Monkarsh, for her gracious special help, to Pam Cisneros, who typed so much of the mountain of manuscript, to Judy Yerman, whose contribution when needed was so important, to Mary Leipziger, who contributed the back-cover photograph (and the pastries to help my occasionally lagging spirit/. *

Thanks to those whose encouragement for my special project was so meaningful:

Ida Goodwin, Jean Brill, Miriam Miller, Harvey Yerman, Elliot Brill, Susan Brill, Bill Brill, Helen Brill, Antonino Bruno, Lenore Goldman, Bernie Weisman, Audrey Simmons, Neil Perlmutter, Boris Marks, Julian Hanberg, Gerta Farber.

And, of course, thanks to Josh Goodwin for his support, to Lisa Goodwin for her encouragement from around the world, to Adam Chess for his concern—and especially to Arlene Goodwin who was always there to listen, discuss and lend loving sustenance.

Los Angeles, 1981

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