Later Lesson To Be Learned The Maturity Number

THE MATURITY NUMBER DESCRIBES A SUB-LESSON Definition INTRODUCED AT MATURITY. If you think of the Life Path, or main lesson, as a highway, the Maturity Number represents a widening of the highway during the mature years. The Maturity Number (or Power Number or Reality Number)

is often an important modifier. -

The Maturity Number is the sum of the Life Path plus the Ex- Calculation pression, reduced to a single digit or master number. Evan has a Life Path of 7 and an Expression of 8.

Richard has a Life Path of 2 and an Expression of 9. 2 + 9 = 11/2 Maturity Number chart 10: the maturity number on page 340 describes the different Maturity. Numbers. The first and second rows delineate two different readings, depending on whether the sub-lesson that's introduced is brand new or is related to

Chart 10: The

Maturity Number energies introduced at birth. (The bottom row will be discussed later under Special Cases.)

First TOW The first row describes an individual with a Maturity Number that matches a core element, an Intensity Point or a Karmic Lesson. Here, there's usually less strain than in the second row descriptions where there is no matching energy. Robert, for instance, has a Maturity Number with the same number as the Life Path. I think you can see that, at maturity, all that's happening is that Robert's Life Path lesson is being brought up for réévaluation. All the Life Path traits have probably been used, at least to some degree, in the years leading up to maturity. These characteristics were probably used to make progress in the lesson outlined by the Life Path and, of course, they're available for continued use during the maturity reassessment. In this example, then, Robert would basically be checking his progress along the Life Path at maturity and making some adjustments, when necessary, to better assimilate the lesson he's been working on all his life.

Let's suppose that the Maturity Number, instead of being the same as the Life Path, is the same as the Expression, Soul Urge or Birthday. Or that there's an above-average Intensity Point with the same modifier number. Here, a new sub-lesson is being introduced by the Maturity Number, but the basic energy to work on the new sub-lesson has been operating since birth. That's certainly comfortable energy to have available. It's been developing all these years and now it can be put to work in the service of the new sub-lesson. In this case, as in Robert's example in the last paragraph, the individual is essentially checking his growth and making some adjustments—but he certainly isn't being jolted by a completely new direction.

If the Maturity Number has the same modifier number as a negative Intensity Point or Karmic Lesson, the individual has been working, prior to maturity, to overcome the obstacles presented. The introduction of the sub-lesson at maturity re-emphasizes the progress (or lack of progress) made with this energy.

Second TOW Suppose that the Maturity Number is not similar to any of the core elements and doesn't have a matching Intensity Point or Karmic Lesson. Sometime in mid-life, the individual will - become aware of a new sub-lesson to be learned, a sub-lesson which doesn't match any of the strong energies he's been developing from birth. It's true that the sub-lesson brings some new energies with it—the energies usually associated with the modifier number. But these energies, compared to the birth energies, are weakly expressed, and, being new to the individual, would take some assimilation before they are fully operational. This example, covered in the second row in Chart 10, describes a Maturity Number that is an important modifier indeed.

Here's Octavia, for instance, with an 11 Life Path, 6 Expression, 9 Soul Urge and 5 Birthday. Octavia has a great deal of helping, loving energy (from 6 and 9) and a lot of idealistic and spiritual energy (from the 11). She may well find her way as a counselor, a teacher, a social worker, a numerologist or astrologer—there are many possibilities here to make use of the positive potential. At maturity, Octavia would become aware of her 8 Maturity Number (11 + 6 = 17 1 + 7 = 8). Here at mid-life, our helping, loving, idealistic, spiritual Octavia feels a need or desire to learn the satisfactions of the material world and the power which comes with its mastery. Her path through life probably doesn't feel like it widened gradually—it's more like an abrupt U-turn.

Along with these material desires, Octavia is likely to feel the stirrings of some new energy—in her case, some new 8 energy. If we look at the characteristics of the 8 Life Path (second row of chart 2: the life path) we'll have a good picture of that new energy. Octavia is likely, at maturity, to feel somewhat more ambitious and self-confident than in her early years, a bit more efficient and energetic, -too. She's becoming, possibly through painful past experience, somewhat more realistic and practical than is usual with an 11 Life Path. And she's starting to be a bit more stubborn and rigid than she used to be, not a bad trait for a person with the 6-9 tendency to be a doormat. As you can imagine, this new energy feels considerably weaker than the energy she's used all her life. Octavia is going to have to move slowly, develop the energy and assimilate it.

The Maturity Number sometimes manifests itself as the slow development of some newfound understanding, sometimes as a dramatic awareness sparked by an unforeseen crisis. Development of the Maturity Number potential usually gives the individual better control of the life along with a sense of deeper fulfillment.

Octavia may have done her good works, yet somehow, in the back of her mind, always felt that her direction was largely dictated by the social work agencies and schools which employed her. Her mature awareness of the material world will allow her to develop better control of her life. More money and higher status means she can, to a greater extent, pick and choose the precise work she wants to accomplish. This, in turn, is likely to lead to more satisfaction. For Octavia, the Maturity Number marks an important guidepost to a new direction—with probable difficulties and significant ultimate benefits.

The age for The Maturity Number is the only modifier that doesn't start applying the operating at birth. It starts operating at maturity—but just Maturity w^en d°es a person reach maturity? This is far more a philo-

Number sophical or psychological question than a numerology question. In my experience, a person's maturity seems directly related to that person's commitment to growth. I've known a few individuals who showed conspicuous signs of maturity at thirty-five or so, but I expect, for the majority of people, maturity is likely to set in somewhere between forty and fifty. And some people, by design (or is it lack of design?) don't seem to develop maturity no matter how long they live.

For numerology purposes, I wouldn't even mention the Maturity Number in a delineation unless the subject is at least in the thirties. From forty on, I would delineate the sub-lesson in detail, particularly in those cases, like Octavia's, where new energies are also introduced.

Special case: If there's a Karmic Debt behind the Maturity Number—13 Karmic Debt behind the 4, 14 behind the 5, 16 behind the 7, 19 behind the 1—the individual is apt to find obstacles in the sub-lesson path. If we're dealing with a Maturity Number which doesn't introduce new energy, the impediments are probably negative developments of existing energies which are painfully highlighted at the mid-life réévaluation. If we're dealing with the introduction of new energy, the blockages are likely to appear as an integral part of the new sub-lesson. Sometimes, one of the obstructions itself can signal the onset of the sub-lesson.

The obstacles are described in the bottom row of Chart 10. They provide vital information for the delineation.

Special case: If the Maturity Number is a master number, the individual master has the choice of operating on the very difficult higher level or numbers considerably easier lower level of that energy.

If there's no previous strong master number energy, it's extremely difficult (it may feel impossible) to start working with this high-level potential so late in life. In a delineation, em phasize the lower level sub-lesson and briefly mention the higher sub-lesson in passing. Don't go further with the higher level unless the subject indicates a particular interest in it.

If there is previous strong master number energy, it is, of course, considerably easier to work with the higher level sub-lesson, particularly if the individual has already developed some of his master number potential. In a reading, mention both sub-lessons with equal emphasis and let the individual make his own choice.

When there are repeated core elements, we're dealing with a Special case: person likely to be struggling with negative potential—during repeated core the early years, at the very least. We know, from Chapter 9, element that the negative potential is likely to be converted to positive sometime between twenty and forty. Now, if there's a matching Maturity Number, we can expect the effect of its potential to be felt sometime after thirty-five, quite possibly before the negative energy is fully converted.

In this complex situation, the Maturity Number is likely to introduce a sub-lesson which isn't new, but which is incompletely assimilated. In the delineation, the sub-lesson would be described as a réévaluation of an existing lesson. We would indicate that the energies introduced at maturity are likely to give positive impetus to previous negatively directed potential.

Blaine, with a 1 Life Path, a 1 Soul Urge—and a 1 Maturity Number—is, at age thirty-five., likely to either overemphasize himself and his own needs or be timid and afraid to stand up for himself (1-1, chart 6: the aspects). At maturity, he's likely to reevaluate his progress toward independence, find that he's either dominating or dependent (First row, 1 Maturity Number, Chart 10). Blaine may now begin to gain the awareness and use of his inner strength, his leadership capability, his potential for accomplishment (1 characteristics, chart 2: the life path) . The Maturity Number will tend to help him toward the independence which may have proved elusive up to maturity.

Here's Stephen, age forty-three, with a 3 Maturity Number Expression in and a 3 Soul Urge. The description of the effect of Stephen's delineation Maturity Number would, of course, be an example of the case where no new energy is introduced.

In Step 15 of a delineation (from Chapter 7) the Soul Urge motives are described..You may remember that the motives remain the same irrespective of the other core elements.

Stephen's 3 Soul Urge motives (Top row, chart 4: the soul urge,) might read as follows:

You are likely to want to express your delight in life, your sense of joie de vivre. You probably want an active social life with many close friends and diverse activities. You're apt to want to express artistic talents, particularly your talent with words, by speaking, writing, acting or singing. You want your home and work environment to reflect the beauty you enjoy creating.

From the first row of the 3 Maturity Number, chart 10: the maturity number, we can add the following:

Now that you're in your early forties, I expect you're going to run into some experiences that may make you want to reevaluate how well you've satisfied some of the desires just mentioned. When you're with others, for instance, are you comfortable giving of yourself openly, warmly, spontaneously? Do you know how to thoroughly enjoy yourself at social gatherings? And have you learned to fully express the artistic and creative side of your personality?

You may find, at this time in your life, that you want to change some of your attitudes and actions in order to give freer rein to your self-expression.

Hal Allen's Hal Allen's Maturity Number introduces the complexity of organization dealing with a master number. With a 5 Life Path and a 6 Ex-sheet and Press^on' Hal would have an 11/2 Maturity Number. There's no ... . other 11 energy in his chart, so it would be difficult for him to delineation assimilate the new 11 sub-lesson at mid-life. His delineation stresses the 2 sub-lesson (while only mentioning the new 11 sub-lesson). And, since he has a 2 Karmic Lesson and similar 6 and 9 energy, we're not working with new energy here.

Hal's organization sheet (Figure 16-1 on page 163) shows the 11 Maturity Number in the 11 row. The 2 Maturity Number which is being emphasized is shown in the 2 row. Both are in the center column.

See Step 13, page 208, for a description of Hal's 2 Maturity Number and Step 21, page 213, for a mention of Hal's 11 Maturity Number.

Figure 16-1 Organization Sheet with Maturity Number

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