There's a time to learn the satisfaction of giving to his fellow man. This is a difficult lesson. The satisfaction comes from the giving. There is little reward—the love and friendship are sometimes returned, the obligation often not repaid. The person must place all others before himself, must give for the sheer pleasure of giving, because he has learned the ultimate satisfaction of SELFLESSNESS and HUMANITARIANISM. The individual gives (1) by helping others or (2) by giving of himself in some form of creative expression.


The master numbers exist on a higher spiritual plane than the single digits. The first master number, the 11, must work to develop intuition, to tune into psychic forces not available to those with lower numbers. He must stand ready to be a channel with a message from above. In his life, he must inspire by his own example, living in the way revealed to him, spreading his ILLUMINATION for others to absorb and benefit. This number is as difficult as it is rewarding.

Often, particularly at an early age, the individual is aware of his special powers yet unable to synthesize them for his own use or for the good of his fellow man. He is often a relatively impractical idealist, far more a dreamer than a doer. There is an undercurrent of nervous tension always present from the high power sources to which the individual is attuned. He has to learn to live with his special powers, to set himself aside from the world of material accumulation in order to better understand the powerful forces which can reveal a higher guidance.


The second master number, the 22, is potentially capable of combining the idealism of the first master number, the 11, with the ability to put these ideals into a concrete form. Enormous power is available to him to produce on a significant scale, for the benefit of humanity. When this potential can be realized, the individual becomes a MASTER BUILDER, capable of feats well beyond all others.

Few with this number can marshal their forces to reach anywhere near the ultimate potential. The individual is aware of the forces within him, aware also of the nervous tension that accompanies these forces. He spends his time grappling with powers that are difficult to comprehend and use. Often, he is seen by his fellow men as a person with enormous potential who has not, for some Unexplained reason, been able to fully use his capabilities. The highest potential is also the most difficult to reach.

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