Five 3's 3 Prime



2 Karmic Lesson


6 Modified Karmic Lesson

7 Karmic Lesson

Figure 12-4

Organization Sheet with Intensity Table Modifiers ticularly disbalanced, but there are enough divergences from the average to add a substantial number of modifiers. In many delineations, a better balanced Intensity Table might add only two or three modifiers rather than the six added here.

Hal's added modifiers are not of equal importance. Let's discuss the added modifier energies in relation to the related core energies shown in the right-hand column. (This column, you'll remember, lists the energy group with which each energy is identified for the purposes of this delineation, as determined by the table on page 111.)

With the 5 Life Path energy, we include the delineation of the 1 Intensity Point. Four l's is only one above average, but this is one of the cases where the above-average energy has a strong negative cast. Since the Life Path energy is the most potent energy, we are adding an important coloration. The Life Path energy, devoted to learning freedom and expressing versatility (Chart 2, 5 Life Path) has already been strongly colored by difficulties in learning to use freedom constructively (Chart 7, 14/5 Karmic Debt) and now it is qualified by the tendency to act in a self-centered and dominating way (Chart 8, four l's Intensity Point). The fun that often is associated with a 5 Life Path seems quite different now that some colorations are added. Hal can overcome the obstacles and go on to the ultimate delight of using the positive potential of the 5 energy, but, unless he has some offsetting energies (which, as we proceed with the modifiers, we'll find he doesn't), he probably has a way to go to overcome the problem areas. (See Step 8, page 203 of Hal's delineation.)

With the 6 Expression energy, we include the delineation of the 2 Karmic Lesson and the 6 Modified Karmic Lesson. We are adding two Karmic Lessons to the second most potent energy—obviously an important added coloration. Because of his 6 Expression, Hal tends to be responsible, helpful, loving and generous (Chart 8, 6 Expression). We can now expect that he will be called on to carry a far heavier share of responsibility than average (Chart 8, 6 Modified Karmic Lesson), but he can certainly accomplish this with the 6 Expression energy. In addition, Hal is likely to find himself in situations where sensitivity, consideration for others, and awareness of detail are required (Chart 8, 2 Karmic Lesson). With both 6 and 9 core energies, I would expect Hal to be capable of handling these types of situations. (See Step 13, page 208, for the description of both lessons.)

(The Life Path modifiers have added a strong negative cast to the Life Path energy, but the Expression modifiers have only indicated that Hal will get many opportunities to use the abilities he undoubtedly possesses. You might want to contemplate

the divergence of the Life Path energy and the Expression energy. How is Hal going to handle that?)

With the 9 Soul Urge energy, we have, as yet, no modifiers. We cannot add any coloration to the core description.

With the 3 Birthday energy, we include the delineation of the five 3's Intensity Point and the 3 Prime Intensifier. The 3 Birthday energy is the least potent of the core energies, but five 3's represent a major divergence from the average of one or two. These modifiers, at first glance, seem to represent an important coloration of only a small part of Hal's total energy.

Let's look at that more closely. From Chart 5, 12 Birthday, we know that Hal is sensitive and emotional with creative ability. These same potentials are displayed in the 6 Expression energy as well as the 9 Soul Urge energy. Three of the four core elements verify Harlan's creative potential. This potential is not a small part of his total energy, but rather an extremely significant portion of that energy.

Now, add the data from the modifiers. We see strong artistic talent, excellent imagination, strong capability with words (Chart 8, five 3's Intensity Point) and these qualities are likely to be most obvious (Chart 8, Prime Intensifier 3). The major divergence from average of the Intensity Point produces an important coloration of some of Hal's major potential. (See Step 3, page 199 for the effect of the two 3 modifiers. Note how strongly the characteristics are emphasized.)

The 7 Karmic Lesson does not group with any of the core energies and would be treated as a miscellaneous energy. (Because it's a miscellaneous energy in this delineation, the 7 in the right-hand column of the organization sheet is shown in parentheses). With our current data (and even when we've looked at all the modifiers) this 7 Karmic Lesson is the only expression of 7 energy. Since the 7 Karmic Lesson need be discussed only when other 7 energy is available, we can ignore it in this delineation.

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