2 6

3. Add the numbers obtained for each name together. Reduce this sum to a single digit or master number:

The Expression is 3

4. On a numerology chart, the calculation would look like this: (The numbers in parentheses represent subtotals which are further reduced.)

LOUISE KAREN CASPER 3 6 3 9 15 2 19 5 5 3 117 5 9 (27) 9 + 22 + (26) 8 = 39

= 3 Expression

Here are a few additional examples:

HOWARD JOSEPH SNYDER 8 6 5 1 9 4 ,1 6 1 5 7-8 1 57459

(33) 6 " + (28) (10) 1 + (31) 4 = 11 Expression

SYLVIA ANNE PASETTA 173491 1555 7115221

= 6 Expression

Always add the numbers of each name separately, then add these totals together. If you add all the numbers of all the names all together at once, you may end up with a master number that doesn't apply or lose a master number that should apply.

Turn to chart 3: expression on page 250. Here you '11 find Chart 3: The discussions of the different Expressions. Expression

Abilities The upper horizontal division of this chart, labeled "Abilities," describes the capabilities and talents possessed by each Expression. Some of these may be latent, but most of them are operating and are apparent.

Positive attitudes, negative attitudes

The middle and lower divisions of the chart, labeled "Positive Attitudes" and "Negative Attitudes," describe the harmonious and discordant extremes of all the Expressions. For example, a person with a 1 Expression may be ambitious and determined (positive attitude) or too aggressive (negative attitude). A person with a 4 Expression may be systematic and orderly (positive attitude) or have a rigid, stubborn approach (negative attitude). Each of these examples expresses the extremes of one particular attitude. Although the chart lists the extremes for ease in syntheses to be developed, begin to be aware of the continuums which are present. The knowledge of the continuums will help as you become more experienced in delineating.

Later, when we synthesize all four of the elements of the core, we will often be able to see which attitudes a person is more likely to express, and, sometimes, whether the positive or negative side is expressed. Since the delineation describes attitudes in effect throughout a person's life, we must be aware that, at different periods in life a person may express different parts of the range of a particular attitude. A person with a 3 Expression may, when young, be something of a dilettante in scattering his forces (negative attitude). As he matures, he may express the joy of living instead, colored with optimism and enthusiasm (positive attitude). It's also possible that he may start out in life expressing the joy of living and regress to something of a dilettante.

We cannot know precisely at what point a person will be along the range of a particular attitude at any specific time, but the synthesis will clarify the basic attitudes and the probable thrust of that attitude. The art of delineation will allow us to read the Expression for any time in a person's life and provide an interpretation most useful to the person at the time of the reading.

Sample The reading of the Expression, without any additional in-reading formation, provides some awareness of a person's abilities. The information is accurate, as far as it goes, but must be worded to allow for the changes which are likely to take place as we combine the Expression with the other elements.

A sample reading might read as follows:

You probably have most of the following abilities:_

When you put your best foot forward, you're likely to _

At times, like all of us, you're not always expressing your positive potential. At these times, you're likely to be_

Fill in with



Fill in with "Positive Attitudes" information.

Fill in the "Negative Attitudes" information.

The abilities and attitudes described by the Expression derived from your birthname are likely to be with you all your life. When your name changes—by marriage, by deleting your middle name, by using a nickname—the given Expression remains but the abilities and attitudes may be modified by the Expression derived from the new name. (We'll discuss all the ramifications of name changes later on in Volume 2, Chapter 24.) The basic talents are usually there for the whole life, though sometimes overlaid by new and different emphases and additions. r *

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