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Write the numbers below the date:

The Life Path is 11

Adding the numbers all together would have been incorrect:

March 12, 1940

The master number has been lost.

With just a little practice, you can do most of the work in your head, and the first step of your numerology calculation would look like this:

November 4, 1975

Chart 2: The Life Path

Turn to chart 2: the life path on page 236. Here you'll find discussions of the salient points of all the Life Paths.

Central The upper horizontal division, labeled "Central Focus," con-FOCUS tains discussions of the main lesson of each Life Path. The essence of the lessons are the keywords appearing adjacent to the number at the top of the table. The discussion in this upper division is an elaboration on the keywords. Read the central focus of your own Life Path and relate it to the keywords. Compare the central focus of your Life Path with the basic lesson of your Life Path number shown on Chart 1. Make this comparison with a few Life Path numbers of people you know well. You should begin to experience the simple relation between the charts, as well as the complex meanings of the keywords and the numbers they represent.

The lower the number of the Life Path, the less complex and more direct is the lesson to be assimilated. Life Paths 1 through 6 deal with fundamental concepts. Life Paths 7, 8, and 9 are dealing with more advanced understandings; in a sense, a higher level of some of the lower numbered lessons. And 11 and 22 are concerned with most complex manifestations. The higher the number of the Life Path, the greater the ultimate potential and the more difficult the possibility of reaching that potential.

Each soul determines its own Life Path before coming to earth in a physical manifestation. The lessons are not learned in consecutive order. Each lesson must usually be studied over a period of many, many lifetimes.

The second horizontal division of Chart 2, labeled "Charac- Character -teristics," describes the traits and attitudes found with each istics Life Path. All the traits are not developed to the same degree of intensity in a person, though they are all usually apparent. Some of the traits are seemingly assets—the warmth and friendliness of 3, the enthusiasm of 5. Some of the traits are seemingly liabilities—the self-centeredness of the 1 or the lack of adaptability of the 7. But, as you work with these traits, you'll see that they are not fixed assets or liabilities at all—each trait can be thought of as a continuum of traits which run the gamut from positive to negative. The enthusiasm of 5, for instance, can range from the positive pole of enthusiasm which can make a vital contribution, to the negative pole of enthusiasm for every new exciting awareness, an enthusiasm which makes it difficult for some 5's to stick to any project for any length of time. The self-centeredness of the 1 can range from the negative pole of complete self-centeredness to the exclusion of all others' interests, to the positive pole of self-concern denoting a person's belief in himself or his work strong enough to to push forward a project that would not succeed without this added strength.

As we proceed with the development of the art of character delineation, it will sometimes be possible to clarify the extent to which the various traits are positively or negatively expressed for each person. For now, we must content ourselves with only the awareness of the characteristics.

Negative Most people are using their lives in a constructive manner.

Expression numerology terms, we would say that they are expressing the positive side of their Life Path, the side of the Life Path discussed under "Central Focus." Everybody, from time to time, and some few people almost all the time, express the negative side of the path instead and live in a non-constructive (rarely destructive) way. The "Negative Expression," the third horizontal division, defines the facets of this side of the character. A person expresses negatively (a) when he exaggerates the lesson of the Life Path to the point of unproductivity, or (b) when he denies the lesson of the Life Path to express the very opposite of the intended lesson.

Later on, we'll see how, in some cases, you can determine whether this negative approach is stressed to the detriment of the major lesson. Even when a person is following this negative expression, he still possesses the traits noted in the "Characteristics" division, but he is apt to be emphasizing the negative end of the continuum of some of the traits, at least.

Commentary The lower horizontal division of Chart 2 provides a "Commentary" on some of the subtleties involved on each Life Path. As you gain experience in numerology, these discussions should help clarify some of the complexities you're likely to meet.

Sample With an understanding of the Life Path, you now possess the single most important element of a character delineation. The information you have is accurate, as far as it goes, but must be couched in careful terms to allow for the ample modifications as you synthesize the many additional elements.

A sample reading with this limited information, might read as follows:

The central focus of your life is the learning of_

Here are some of the attitudes and traits you're likely to express:_

Fill in with "Central Focus" information.

Fill in with "Characteristics ' information.

Like most people, there are times when you aren't always expressing the best that's in you. Sometimes,

Fill in with "Negative Expression" information: first, you're probably struggling with the exaggeration of the lesson, and second, the denial of the lesson.

or with

When you begin doing delineations, you'll find that some people, although they recognize their characteristics quickly, complain that they'd prefer a different Life Path to the one they now have. You may want to remind them that it's possible to lead a full, meaningful and productive life with a Life Path of any number.

Here, for instance, are the Life Paths of some famous people. (The lesson of the Life Path in the examples chosen is most visible to the public, but this isn't necessarily the case with the Life Paths of all celebrated personalities.)

Martin Luther King (Michael Luther King), born January 15, 1929, with a Life Path of 1.

A life devoted to INDEPENDENCE and ATTAINMENT.

Henry Kissinger (Heinz Alfred Kissinger), born May 27, 1923, with a Life Path of 2.

The quintessence of diplomacy, a master of RELATION and COOPERATION.

Boris Pasternak (Boris Leonidovich Pasternak), born February

The Nobel Prize winner, who made the most of EXPRESSION.

Sigmund Freud, born May 6, 1856, with a Life Path of 4. The father of psychoanalysis, his contribution consisted of using ORDER and SERVICE.

Abraham Lincoln, born February 12, 1809, with a Life Path of 5.

His name is almost synonymous with CONSTRUCTIVE FREEDOM.

Dwight Eisenhower (David Dwight Eisenhower), born October 14, 1890, with a Life Path of 6.

He handled the Allied forces in World War II with BALANCE and RESPONSIBILITY.

Eleanor Roosevelt (Anna Eleanor Roosevelt), born November

A life of accomplishment based on ANALYSIS and UNDERSTANDING.

Life Paths of some famous people

Andrew Carnegie, born November 25, 1835, with a Life Path of 8.

A self-made millionaire, who learned about MATERIAL SATISFACTION.

Mahatma Gandhi (Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi), born October 2, 1869, with a Life Path of 9.

The leader of India's independence drive was immersed in ideas of SELFLESSNESS and HUMANITARIANISM.

Peter Hurkos (Peter Van Der Hurk), born May 21,1911, with a Life Path of 11.

This psychic detective involved himself in the spiritual realms of ILLUMINATION.

Joseph Kennedy (Joseph Patrick Kennedy), born September 6, 1888, with a Life Path of 22.

The multi-millionaire head of the Kennedy clan was a MASTER BUILDER.

The Life Path is fixed and unchangeable. No one can change his birthdate and therefore no one can change his Life Path. Acceptance of the Life Path allows for full growth and productive development. Confidence in himself and his direction allows a person to move forward to a positive destiny.

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