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I expect you'll rely heavily on reasoning and facts in reaching your conclusions. These logical deductions are likely to be a strong motivating force in your life. Added to your will and determination, this rational disposition can help promote your leadership potential in business or politics (strong Mental component). You aren't likely to display much interest in spiritual or metaphysical matters (weak Intuitive component).


As I mentioned at the beginning of the reading, I don't expect that your childhood and young adult hood have allowed you to develop the abilities we've discussed to anywhere near the possible potential. In your youth, you may have had few friends, often felt alone and lonely. The forces around you probably felt repressive. You may have withdrawn, appeared cool and detached. I expect you haven't felt particularly comfortable in a business environment (7 First Period on the 8 Life Path). Your business talents, your creative abilities and your social skills may have had little chance to blossom (conflict between 7 First Period and 8 Life Path 13 Expression).

There's apt to be some time yet before you can feel comfortably free of the forces that have hindered your development, but it's important that you keep working to free yourself and to move forward to use the generous potential you possess. {John has to struggle with his 7 First Period and 9 First Pinnacle until 1999. His 2 Second Period, starting at that time, will be more amenable to development of the talents related to his 3 Expression and 2 Birthday. His 1 Second Pinnacle, starting at the same time, will allow a freer development of his independence and business abilities). There's probably been a lot of drama and emotion in your life so far and there's likely to be more in the next few years (9 First Pinnacle). Give of yourself selflessly when possible, but don't lose sight of your interest in business and your healthy desire for money and possessions (conflict between the 9 First Pinnacle and the 8 Life Path).

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