Of the adding up the modifier numbers of the tranfsits for the year and reducing the sum to a

SINGLE DIGIT OR MASTER NUMBER (Figure 32-4 on page 543).

At Dale's birth (age 0), the Transits are D, L and S.

Even though the Transits for the two years are different, the Essence is the same. At age 2, the Essence is

= 12/3 Essence

The Essence at age 2 is written as 12/3 because the number "behind" the Essence, in this case the 12 "behind" the 3, adds its own subtleties. For Dale's first two years, there are no numbers "behind" the Essence.

We proceed down the chart, adding the Transits to find the Essence and recording the Essence in its column. A horizontal line is placed at the end of the time span of each Essence.

Time Span The Transits last between one and nine years. They start on the subject's birthday (rather than on January 1 like most cycles) and end on the day before the birthday (rather than December 31 like most cycles).

The Essence lasts a minimum of one year and occasionally as much as nine or ten years. They usually don't last more than three or four years. Like the Transits, the Essence starts on the subject's birthday and ends on the day before the birthday.

There's little in the way of transition from Transit to Transit Transitions or Essence to Essence. Sometimes, the Transit or Essence is felt to some degree about a month before the birthday beginning and about a month after the birthday ending. Often, partic-



Medium Term


Long Term



Personal Year

Universal Year



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