There's a good possibility of some travel (A, N, L Transits), although your finances may be subject to fluctuation (N Transit). There should be some pleasure and happiness to be found in the home life, although this may be difficult to maintain with all the high emotions (L Transit, 9 Essence).


The last part of 1993, from about the middle of May to the end of December, will probably feel somewhat different than the first part of the year. There's probably less drama now, and while the emotions may still be running high, you're apt to be somewhat more sensitive and able to handle the feelings better (9 Essence to May 11; 11/2 Essence after). From this time up to your 54th birthday, you may receive some new awareness of great importance which will support the development of faith and inner peace. This new understanding may have a profound effect on the entire life, although it's likely to take time for the changes to develop [11 Essence and preparation for coming years). You're probably more understanding now of the kind of spiritual or non-material awareness I'm talking about, but, unless you've developed this side of yourself, you may not be aware of the new possibilities [11 Maturity Number, no other 11 energy). That heightened sensitivity, as I mentioned, may be helpful in dealing with emotions and may attract new friends who are appreciative of the sensitivity. Be careful that this sensitiveness doesn't cause problems and misunderstandings. When faced with an emotional situation, deal with it directly rather than sidestepping it [1112 Essence with 6 Expression, 9 Soul Urge). There's apt to be some nervous tension which may affect your ability to express your feelings with clarity [11 Essence with 11 Maturity Number).

Starting at this time and extending until your 58th birthday, is a period in which there's likely to be an emphasis on patience and cooperation. You may be working as part of a group to satisfy mutual needs or you may be helping others with their needs. There's likely to be some details that must be carefully completed. I expect, at this age, that you've developed the ability to be patient, tactful and concerned with details [2 Essence with 2 Karmic Lesson). The loving, giving, responsible side of your character can be of much help working with others (6 Expression, 9 Soul Urge).

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