(With a 3 Expression, a 3 Soul Urge and four out of twelve elements and sub-elements in the 3, 6, 9 group, John is likely to be involved with creative or artistic work. His abilities in this area are discussed below relative to his Expression.)


You have the potential to deal with money and material matters in commercial endeavors with an efficient, energetic and dependable approach. You can be a good organizer and administrator using a realistic, practical manner. When you're using your potential fully, you're not likely to waste time with daydreams. Your ability to judge character along with your ambition and self-confidence can prove helpful (8 Life Path).

You may have some artistic or creative capabilities which will be useful in business. You're likely to be extremely verbal—you can easily learn to present almost any material in an imaginative manner. When you express your friendly, gracious manner, your sociability and your enthusiasm, you can open many doors (3 Expression).

If you tend to be a bit frivolous and scatter your forces, you may appear too easy going and not make the right impression. If you are a little timid or afraid to stand up and say what's on your mind, you may not be able to develop some of the creative or social opportunities that come your way (negative potential of 3 Expression 13 Soul Urge). You probably have to learn to accept your responsibilities (one of the approaches to alleviate the difficulties of the 3-3 aspect, shown in chart 6: the aspects).

Learn to keep a sense of proportion in the business world. It's sometimes easy to get so immersed in the attainment of money, possessions, status or power that you miss out on some deeper satisfactions. If you are very materialistic, obsessed with goals or extremely rigid, you're likely to hold yourself back (negative potential of 8 Life path!8 sub-

element). Try to see and appreciate the inherent values in life, not only the purely material values. Study and meditation on the inner satisfactions as well as the material satisfactions may prove helpful (one of the approaches to alleviate the difficulties of the 8-8 aspect, shown in chart 6: the aspects).


(Attributes of 3 Soul Urge are similar to 3 Expression and need not be repeated.) You're likely to develop considerable skill working with others. Your potential to develop as a diplomatic, considerate and cooperative person may make a place for you as an arbitrator or negotiator in the business world. Your sensitivity to others is likely to prove helpful, too (2 Birthday).


You have a good mind and excellent ideas which can help you to be a leader. Although you probably have deep feelings, you can learn to keep those feelings in balance in business dealings so that they don't interfere with seeing all sides of an issue. I expect you'd tend to a relatively conservative or traditional mold (Firsi Letter J, First Vowel O).


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