This is likely to be a good time to make new friends and renew relations, with old friends. A desire for freedom, though, may bring breaks in old relationships (A, N, L Transits). The positive experiences with friends may be one of the avenues for experiencing happiness and expressing the joy of living. Approach your experiences this year, as much as possible, with joy, cheer and enthusiasm. Entertain, socialize, delight in those times when you can enjoy yourself, but don't indulge only in superficial or capricious activities. Avoid self-indulgence or extravagance (3 Personal Year). At times when you want- to play and enjoy yourself, don't be surprised to find others bogged down in work and responsibility (conflict between 3 Personal Year and 22/4 Universal Year).


At the beginning of the year, romances are apt to be far more difficult than friendships. They're likely to be highly emotional and confusing. You may have to learn the usually painful lesson that ultimate love doesn't restrict, but rather supports freedom (9 Essence). Love affairs may prove to be sudden, unusual and short lived. Marriage probably has its rough spots. Unbalanced emotions are likely to cause problems (N Transit).

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