6233 7 1

Main component = 14/5

Secondary component = 2

The family in this home will be learning the exhilaration of the constructive use of freedom as well as enjoying the satisfactions of group activités (5 and 2 from top row of chart 2: the life path). Life here is likely to be full of enthusiasm, progressive endeavors, change, unusual people, unusual ideas [5 from middle row of chart 3: the expression). There may, at times, be very erratic activity, little sense of accomplishment, possibly an overindulgence in physical pleasures (14/5 from top row of chart 7: the karmic debt). There's likely to be a feeling of friendliness and consideration, too (2 from middle row of chart 3: the expression). Although there's an innate desire for harmony in the family, this need isn't likely to be fulfilled because family members are probably off in all directions, involved with their own highly individual ventures (5-2 conflict. 5 energy likely to overpower 2 energy because more 5 energy present).

Each member of the family will accept these influences differently depending on his or her own potential. For instance, if the father has an 11/2 Life Path and a 6 Expression, he's likely to work toward the cooperation and association of the 2 energy and find it something of a struggle to take advantage of the potential related to freedom. If he had a 5 Soul Urge, he probably would want to expand his life, but with his other strong energies, that expansion isn't apt to come that easily.

If the mother has a 6 Life Path, a 9 Expression and a 6 Soul Urge, she probably works to keep the family concerned and interested in each other, but she's likely to be disappointed as everyone rushes off to take care of their own concerns. A young daughter with a 22/4 Life Path would probably express the negative 4 energy, feel blocked and intimidated by the 5 influence, uninterested in the 2 potential. If she could feel open enough to use the 5 for expansion, she could develop appreciably, but that isn't likely to be easy. A young son with a 5 Life Path, a 3 Expression and a 5 Soul Urge could, more than anyone else in the family, use the 5 influence to develop his many talents. He may have trouble learning not to scatter his energies and not to overindulge in physical pleasures. There's likely to be much.change, activity and excitement at 6233 Page Avenue, but not much feeling of a cohesive family unit.

The address of an individual's office, store or factory is treated similarly to the home address but has considerably less impact. The vocational influence is often strongly controlled by the person or persons in charge so that the address is often of minor concern. If the subject is one of the people in charge, the office address is likely to have more meaning in the life.

Office, store or factory address

Although it's often fun to check out the numbers in your life— Other the various telephone numbers, the automobile license plate, numbers social security number, etc.—I haven't found any serious *n j-£e correlation between the numbers and an individual's life. Aside from the home address, the other numbers are of little importance.


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